Letter written by Frank from Petersburg, Virginia to his brother on March 11, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Frank from Petersburg, Virginia on March 11, 1865, to his brother Lewis: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEBefore PetersburgVa. (Virginia) (Petersburg, Virginia)   Mar. 11th / 65
Dear Lewis (Lewis)

Your letter with Emily (Emily)
of March 6th I received last
night. It has rained nearly
every day since we have been
here. It is pleasant however
to-day. Maj. Adams (Adams (Major)) has just
taken charge of the Art. Brigade
of this corps. Maj. Harn (Harn? (Major)) did
command it but he having
obtained a 'Leave' the command
now devolves upon Maj Adams (Adams (Major))
the next in rank. I am the
only officer with the battery as
Capt Lamb (Lamb (Captain)) is still upon a
Leave. I expect him back however
the 17th of this month.
My box has arrived. I received
it to-day. Those boots are just
the fit They fit much better
than the others Everything in the

PAGE IMAGE box will come in good play
My health is splendid and
I am in the best of spirits
Hope that I may be able to
be at home by the 1st of April
I was a going to apply for a
'Leave' as soon as Capt. Lamb (Lamb (Captain))
came back but as the Captain
is now away from the battery
that is knocked in the head
until he returns or until we
get another Officer. It is useless
to apply for a 'Leave' unless there
are two officers left with the
battery. I think that you
could get a pass to come to the
front if you was in Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
Should be very happy to see
you. I was present at the
execution of a deserter to-day.
He belonged to the 3d Division (3rd Division) of
this corps He showed good

As the mail carrier is
waiting for this I must
close. Give my love to all

Your Affectionate Brother Frank (Frank)
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