Letter written by Josephus Knap from Camp Coleman to his sister Meg on August 29, 1861

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Letter written by Josephus Knap from Camp Coleman to his sister Meg on August 29, 1861: a machine readable transcription


POINT OF ROCKSĀ  ?d.[state unclear] (Point of Rocks, Maryland)

Miss Mary A Knap (Knap, Mary A.)
Care Jas G Averell, Esq. (Averell, James G.)
Ogdensburgh (Ogdensburg)
St Lawrence Co
New York (Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE We will Stand by our Country's Flag
Now and Forever

Camp Coleman (Camp Coleman, Pennsylvania)
Aug 29th 61
Dear Meg (Meg)

I have only
time to inform you of our
intended departure for the seat
of war on Saturday morning
next: The Major brought out
our marching orders to-night
just as we were going to supper,
and in less that five minutes all
the companies were formed ready
to receiv (receive) the arms which have
been carefully stored away for
several days - It was nearly nine
o clock before everything was
distributed and before we officers had
our supper - The orders are, for
three companies, including ours, to

PAGE IMAGE start with the Major, Saturday
morning, for Point of Rocks (Point of Rocks, Maryland)
near Harpers Ferry (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) . where the
main body of the regiment is
stationed. I should not be surprised
if we did not moor until
Monday, but it is certain that
our stay here is short -
To relieve your ancious (anxious) mind
I will inform you that as
yet there is nothing very
serious in the Day light affair:
If I should happen to survive
the perils of war, and the
young lady should feel so inclined
perhaps something might happen,
who knows? I have a large
Photograph all fixed up to send
to C--l (C--l) but do not know whether
I shall have time or not: If
we do not leave I will try to get
to town on Saturday -
PAGE IMAGE Give my kind regards to Miss Adams (Adams (Miss)) ,
and tell her she must
speak a good word for me in
case I should be taken prisoner -
Uncle Charles (Charles (Uncle)) wrote me a very
good letter the other day, approving
of the course I had taken: he
did not agree with Uncle Tracy (Tracy (Uncle)) .
When did you go back to Burlington (Burlington) ?
I reached camp at 1 O.C. that
night. After walking three miles
in my stocking feet: my sore
foot wouldnt stand having
the shoe on - Captain, Dr. and
myself took tea at the Rev Mr Buchanan (Buchanan (Reverend Mr.)) s
last evening: he
has four daughters, all fine
looking, one quite pretty: Alas!
that we have to leave them so soon.
It is not likely that I shall see
you again before I leave: if not
good buy, and that we may meet
again soon, is my earnest wish -
PAGE IMAGE I will write as soon as we
get to our next camp ground
and let you know all about
our prospects - You must be
quic (quick) and answer promptly -

Your Affectionate Bro - Jo (Knap, Joseph M.) -
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