Letter written by Josephus Knap from Battery-Point of Rocks, Maryland to Maggy on January 26, 1862

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Letter written by Josephus Knap from Battery-Point of Rocks, Maryland, on January 26, 1862, to Maggy: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE28th Penna. Regiment (28th Regiment, Pennsylvania).
Keystone State
Warranted not to run
Col. J. W. Geary (Geary, John White (Colonel)) , Com'd. Head-quarters 28th Penna. Regiment (28th Regiment, Pennsylvania), Battery - Point of RocksMd (Maryland) (Point of Rocks, Maryland)
January 16th 1862 Dear Maggy (Maggy) -

Your very interesting
letter was handed me on my
arrival from Hancock (Hancock) about
a week since. We are expecting
the preacher up in our quarters
soon to give us a lecture,
but I will write as much
as possible before service
commences. I have been
travelling (traveling) again, and where to,
do you think? Only to Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)

PAGE IMAGE and Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) on business
connected with the battery: I
expect to increase my force to
130 men and six guns, and
will probably go to Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
this week or next. I have
seen nothing of Uncle JamesJames (Uncle)
as yet. I met several Pittsburg (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
friends in Harrisburg (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) and
Jo Dursey (Dursey, Jo) in Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)
you are prefectly excusable
in calling me " Jobie (Jobie (see Knap, Josephus)) ", for in
my opinion it is equally as elegant
as Joseph (Knap, Josephus) : although it does
not sound quite as solemncholy
Josephus (Knap, Josephus) is my preference
Tell Grand mother that I will
endeavor to bear my honors with
meekness and humility, and will
be as good a boy as circumstances
will permit. How I do wish
I could spend a week with
you all and have some glorious
PAGE IMAGE skate and sleigh rides -
our skating and sleighing
here were of short duration
& it is extremely doubtful whether
we have any more this season.
Give my kindest regards to
each and all of those ladies
you mentioned as having joined
you in your skating tournaments
and also to all of my
I was somewhat amused at
your anxiety in regard to a
certain affair. In order to
relieve your mind I will
state that nothing serious
has transpired between the
damsel referred to and your
humble servant. I am still
a free man, and expect to
be free for some time to come, unless
taken prisoner by the rebels -
We still keep up quite a
PAGE IMAGE vigorous correspondence.
Miss D (D. (Miss)) stated in a letter received
a few days ago, that she
skated seventy eight miles in
one week: that rather takes
the Agdensburgh (Ogdensburg) (Ogdensburg, New York) girls down,
does it not?
We are to have a grand
theatrical performance this
evening in Camp - An extra train
is coming from Frederick (Frederick, Maryland) with
Gen Banks (Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss (General)) staff and ladies.
Enclosed find bill. I am sorry
you cannot be present -
The likeness is intended for that
of Col Geary (Geary, John White (Colonel)) , but does not
do him justice. It is expected
that our Division will cross
to Harpers Ferry (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) soon: how
soon [deponent?] sayeth not -
The mail is about closing and
I must do likewise, hoping that
you will favor me speedily
with one of your spicy productions
much love to Mother (Knap (Mrs.)) and
cousins & Grandmother. I received
a nice letter from Em (Em) a
few days since - I am well
and weigh but 163 pounds -

Affectionately - Josephus (Knap, Josephus)


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