Letter written by George Stone from Camp Morris to his father on December 8, 1862

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Letter written by George Stone from Camp Morris on December 8, 1862, to his father, Mark F. Stone, of Vienna, New York: a machine readable transcription



WASHINGTON CITY (Washington, District of Columbia)
DEC 9 [no year]

Mr Mark F. Stone (Stone, Mark F.)
ViennaOneida Co.
N.Y. (New York) (Vienna, New York) (Oneida County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE United States Capitol
117th Regiment New York S. Volunteers (117th Regiment, New York), . . . Col. Pease (Pease, William R. (Colonel))
Company H (Company H)  Capt A. R Stevens (Stevens, Almond R. (Captain)) Camp Morris (Camp Morris, Maryland) Dec 8th 1862.
D.C. (District of Columbia) (District of Columbia) Dear Father (Stone, Mark F.) :

yours of the 5th inst
was received this afternoon, and I
hasten to reply. The letter which you
spoke of as thinking I did not see
was received. it bears date Nov. 18th
and I received it the 21st, and I think
that I answered it the 23d, at any
rate I answered it the fore part of
that week, and think I put the
letter in the office the monday morn
or the 24th. be that as it may I [receiv.?]
and answered that letter, and should

PAGE IMAGE judge from your writing that you
have failed to receive it. I recollect
all the particulars about which you
speak in relation to moving and
our probable destiny one of The Tuttle (Tuttle) boys &
and one of the Spencer (Spencer) boys received
each a pair of very excellent woolen gloves
thick and durable I think if I
have a good pair of gloves it will be
sufficient without any mittens.
I presume Cynthia (Stone, Cynthia) received the money
which you sent her, for she mentiones
in two letters which I received from
her last Friday, one of which
was written Thanksgiving, and the other
the Sunday following, that she had
just received a letter from you requesting
her to respond immediately, and
inform you when she intends
returning home, but she neglected to
say any thing about receiving any
money, but from what she writes I am
certain she received the letter of which
PAGE IMAGE you speak, and doubtless also the money
I had previously written and informed
her that you intended sending her some
and I almost wonder why she neglects
to mention it. In my last leterto her
which went out this morning. I requested
her to inform me about it. Each time
she writes is during the night, while
watching by the bed side of her Brother
and she speaks of feeling quite weary
and dull from being broken of her
rest, but she says her Mother is
better and they are encouraged to
think that she will recover.
She writes that Fremont (Freemont) was quite
sick for a fortnight, but was
now rapidly recovering, had a very
hearty appetite and and took his
regular outdoor exercise. She says
that Jessie (Jessie) was well and growing fast
every day and was trying to learn
to talk, she says that she will remain
with her mother until she recovers.
PAGE IMAGE Those postage stamps came all right and
I am very thankful for them, as I was
just out, they will answer my turn for
quite a while. In one of my letters to
Alvan (Alvan) or Lyndon (Lyndon) I spoke about having
some apples sent, but if the weather should
be as cold as it has been since last Saturday morning they would freeze up
hard as a rock unless they could be protected
in some way to prevent it, and I dont
know how that could be done. I would
like a quantity of dried fruit, but I dont
think of any thing of which I stand in
very especial need this winter. Last week
until Friday we had cool pleasand days
and very cold frosty nights, about noon
Friday it commenced storming a mixture
of snow and rain, which soon settled into
quite a severe snow storm, which contintued
until along into the night, when it
became quite cold and by Saturday morning
it had frozen quite hard. The snow fell
several inches, but melted as it fell, so
that when the storm ceased it lay 4 or 5
inches on the ground, but the weather
has continued so cold that the ground
still remains white, but still it thaws
some in the middle of the day Saturday
and Sunday night were bitter cold, but to
night it is much milder, but still it freezes
my sheet is nearly full, but it is getting late
in the evening, and I dont know whether
I will have time to write any more, I want
to have this go out in the morning, and if I
have time, I will fill another sheet If I do not
I will write again soon affectionately your son

George (Stone, George)
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