Letter written by unknown person to her brother from home [Rome, Oneida County, New York], April 28, 1862

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Letter written by unknown person to her brother from home [Rome, Oneida County, New York], April 28, 1862

PAGE IMAGEHome April 28th 1862 My Dear Child & Brother

My mind & body have been
so severely taxed for the past few days
that I could not write you, & even to-night
were I not confident that you were
anxiously waiting to hear from us, I should
feel that I could not write, I am so
tired. You have rec'd news ere this probably by
the papers, & by Collins (Collins) as I requested him
to drop you a line of the great loss &
affliction we have sustained. Our dear
Ruth (Randall, Ruth C.) is gone, & so sudden too, that we
can hardly realize but that she will
come back again. I cannot describe to you
our feelings now the shock we experienced
that night – She had been feeling quite
well this [morning], & I had engaged a girl
to help us clean house, Maria Whine (Whine, Maria)
she came Monday – Wed. I was with Ruth (Randall, Ruth C.)
up stairs putting up clothes in the presses

PAGE IMAGE &c, she was quite happy & talkative, spoke
of you both being gone, said she “wished
you had never left home”. She sit at
the table at tea time, & drank her tea &
eat her supper as usual – when [through]
went out & took her pail, your Father father (Cady, Daniel)
having gone out to the Can, he prepared
things & left her milking as usual,
came in the house, we were all busy
around, & just then Eliza (Cady, Eliza) & Hattie Cady (Cady, Hattie)
come from the cans, your Grandm-
other not having returned, in the little
excitement it was longer than we
supposed, thinking she was in the
kitchen, I spoke of her not being in yet
& your Father went directly out, & Millie (Millie)
too, who come running in frightened
we went out quick, your Father had
raised her up but she was perfectly
unconscious, no [cramping] or motion, we
sent for Mr Matteson (Matteson (Mr.)) & wife, who helped
us into the house with her, & laid her
on my bed, Mr Hodges (Hodges (Mr.)) had Dr Hunde (Hunde (Dr.)) -
PAGE IMAGE Here in 10- min- who gave her powerful
stimulants, that revived her some, we
did all we could but she never realized
much, kept breathing hard & died [easy]
about 10-oclock. It was a sad time
children all crying, & as for myself
it almost [removed] me from the time, so
sudden & so shocking! She was truly
inseperable from our family, so many
long years had she been with us, always
here & ever ready to help us – She loved
the children too so well, & you both.
Little Bell cried to “sleep with Ruth (Randall, Ruth C.) ,”
& now it is sad to hear her talk of her
shays “she is asleep &c. It is a great
loss to us you know well. Oh! We
thought how you would both feel
when the news reached you! Aunt Melinda (Melina (Aunt))
came down with Mother the
next day – We wanted to bury her in
our lot, but her Father father (Randall) wished her
brought up there. The preparations were
the best we could do, she was worthy.
PAGE IMAGE quite a good many people met here
on Frid at ½ past 10, when Mr Bellamy (Bellamy (Mr.))
read a Chap – & prayed, mentioned the
children who had experienced her care,
not forgetting our loved absent ones when
they should hear of it. H D Weneer (Weneer, H.D.) , H H
& C W White (White, C.W.) & H W Mitchell (Mitchell, H.W.) were the
hearers, we took the cans Mr BellamyBellamy (Mr.)
with us & went to Consastota (Conastota) (Conastota, New York) , where
they met us, went up to Clockville (Clockville, near Lincoln, New York)
where the funeral was held in the
church & then up to the grave near Mr Whitman (Whitman (Mr.)) s
- & there we left her body, but
we know she is happy, she was a
Christian - & my Dear ones you have one
the less to pray for you now, though
we know not but the spirits of a beloved
Father & Ruth (Randall, Ruth C.) will watch over you from
Heaven even now – I need not tell you
how we all miss her, nor how lonely
it is, you can realize faintly the truth.
Her place can now be filled Frances (Frances)
came up from Ny. (New York) (New York) Returned body –
but my time is up – There is so much
I want to tell you, that I hardly
know where to begin – but good bye
to night -

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