Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his mother of Rome, New York, from Camp near "Fitzhugh Mansion", Virginia, May 24, 1863

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from camp near Fitzhugh Mansion, Virginia, on May 24, 1863, to his mother, Mrs. Daniel Cady (Fidelia W. Palmer) of Rome, New York

PAGE IMAGEnear Fitzhugh Mansion, Va. (Virginia)
In Camp May 24th 1863. Dear Mother.

x Since writing yesterday aft-
x ernoon, I have thought of a few more ar-
x ticles which I want very much. They are
x as follows, viz.: A bottle of diarrhea med-
x ecine, for which I enclose a Recipe; a
x small bottle of spirits, turpentine, to clean
x clothes (as our clothes get stained with this pine
x gum, from the trees, & we have nothing to take
x it out; two bars transparent soap; one
good towel; my French Dictionary (Mea-
dows' Fr. Pronouncing Dict.); Prometheé, a
very small Fr. Pamphlet; x a sheet of blotting
paper.Many think we will
remain here until the last of July or the
x first of Aug. and as our daily duties are very
x light, comparatively, leaving us many long
x hours of leisure during the day, I have
determined to improve a portion of the time
with study, instead of reading so many pa-

PAGE IMAGE pers as I have. The time for which I sent
for the papers, is about expiring, and I
think I will take but two good papers here
after. Mrs. Hill (Hill (Mrs.)) has reconvened
her trips to & from Washington, and is now
here. If we should be ordered to move,
she will take all our surplus baggage
to Washington; but I shall not have much
more than I wish to keep with me.

Mrs. Mendenhall (Mendenhall (Mrs.)) , true to her kind &
generous disposition, sent to Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) &
me, by Mrs. Hill (Hill (Mrs.)) a bottle of domestic
wine & a package of dried cherries.

Our camp has been very much
improved since we came here; Evergreen
trees in large quantities having been cut
in the woods & set out along the streets
& about the officers tents, some of them
having constructed arbors before the
entrances of their tents; the streets have
been nicely graded & ditched upon the
sides;- so that, altogether, our camp,
& others adjoining, present a very beauty-

PAGE IMAGE ful & pleasant appearance. The weather
is exceedingly warm, as there has been
no rain since the thunder shower which
I described some time ago; but there are
some signs of rain, now.

Having to make out a sett (set) of “dis-
charge papers”, immediately, for one of
our cripples in the Hosp., & as the mail
will go out in a little while, I must
close. Love to all again.

Your Son, Rush P. Cady (Cady, Rush Palmer (Lieutenant)) . P.S.

Let the flask be filled with brandy.

PAGE IMAGEDiarrhaea (diarrhea) Medicine.
Laudinum 1 oz.
Spirits Camphor 1 oz.
Essence Peppermint 1 oz.
Hoffman's Auodyne 1 oz.
Tinct. Cayenne Pepper 1 oz.
Tinct. Ginger ½ oz.
anix. Dose: a teaspoonful in
a little water, or a half teaspoonful
an hour afterwards, in a tablespoonful of brandy.
→ Put in 8 oz. bottle & fill with brandy.
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