Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his uncle and aunt from Camp near Kelly's Ford, Virginia, August 16, 1863

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Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Camp near Kelly's Ford, Virginia, August 16, 1863, to his uncle and aunt, Franklin and Polly C. Tanner, of South Granville, Washington County, New York: a machine readable transcription


WASHINGTOND. C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
AUG 18? [date unclear]

Mr Franklin Tanner (Tanner, Franklin)
South Granville
Washington Co
NY (New York) (South Granville, Washington County, New York) (Washington County, New York)



PAGE IMAGECamp near, Kelly's Ford, Va (Virginia) (Kelly's Ford, Virginia) ..
August, 16th, 1863, Dear Uncle (Tanner, Franklin) and Aunt (Tanner, Franklin (Mrs., Polly C.)) (Tanner, Polly C. (Mrs. Franklin Tanner))

I have just
received a letter from you and
I will now write a few lines in
answer to the same. I am in
excelent (excellent) health and I believe
the boy's of your acquaintance
are all well we are again under
marching orders and hold our
selves in readiness to march
at a moments notice, a part
of our Division have already
marched they went to Rappahannock
Station (Rappahannock Station, Virginia) and took the cars, there
are several reports as to where
they are going. one is that they
are going to reinforce General
Gilmore (Gillmore, Quincy Adams (General)) at Charlston (Charleston) (Charleston, South Carolina) . another
is that they going to North Carolina (North Carolina)

PAGE IMAGE but I do not suppose that anybody
know's where they are going only
some of our higher General's.
it is likely that we shall follow
them sometime today or tomorrow.
perhaps you would like to know
how I like the idea of moveing (moving).
I like it first rate any thing
for a change or to help kill
time, to besure (be sure) the prospect
of going into another battle
does not seem so nice but
if there is any chance of
gaining another victory then
I say the sooner we fight
the better, we get very encourageing (encouraging)
news from Charlston (Charleston) (Charleston, South Carolina) if
Gilmore (Gillmore, Quincy Adams (General)) take's the city it will
be the same as a death blow to the
confederacy in fact the finishing
blow must be struck in
the course of the autumn
month's, for we can not afford
PAGE IMAGE to let this war hang on through
another winter. its getting so that
it does not pay hardly seven
per cent, we are doing picket
duty close to the rebs now
our picket line is on the
bank of the river, the rebs
are in the wood's a short
distance from the river
on the other side the saucy
imp's come out in sight and
swing their hat's at us and
make all sort's of motion's. I
would like to send a bulet (bullet)
among them once and a while
but it is against orders to fire
at them unless they fire first.
yesterday one of them deserted
and swam the river to our
lines he was as smart a looking
reb as I have ever seen, I would
like to help you eat some
of those ripe apples that
PAGE IMAGE you wrote about but as I
cannot I will try and
console myself with the
the thoughts that I can
eat apples with you next
winter to say nothing
about drinking now and
then a glass of cider
I do not think of anything
more that will be interesting
to you so I will close, please
write soon and oblige your

Henry Welch (Welch, Henry)
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