Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father and mother of Clinton, New York, from Headquarters near Julian Creek, June 18, 1863

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Headquarters near Julian Creek, Virginia, June 18, 1863, to his father and mother, George A. and Marcia C. Pearl of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription


NY (New York) (New York) [postmark unclear]

[written in margins: June 18/63]

G. W Pearl (Pearl, George W.)
N.Y. (New York) (Clinton, New York)

PAGE IMAGEHeadquarters near
Julian Creek (Julian Creek, Virginia) June 18th/63
Dear Father & Mother

I recd your ever kind letter
of the [12th] yesterday. I was
very glad to hear that you &
the rest of the friends were in
usual health. My health was
good the last time I wrote
but for a day or two back
I have had the diarea (diarrhea) but
am better to day (today), it makes
me rather weak & my hand
trembles so I can hardly write
I am sitting in Capts dining
tent in the rear of his quarters
writing this. There are a good many
in the Regt that have got the
Summer complaint about 150.
The weather is very warm we have
not had any rain here in over
a month. The farmers say if

it does not rain before long
that their crops wont amount to
anything. Father George Bradley (Bradley, George (Father)) says
perhaps you will begin to think
he is not going to pay you
what he owes you but says he has
had to use all the money he has
recd to pay a large debt. But
will pay you as soon as he can
fetch around. I have been exempt
from duty while I have been off
the [books] . I/think I Shall be able
to do duty tomorrow if nothing
happens. I have not much news
to write of any importance
We expect to have marching
orders evry (every) day. Some of the boys
heard Col White (White, Alvin (Colonel)) say he wouldnt
be surprised if we didnt have
to move within three days.
But where to he did not know
I hope not though for it will
be tough to have to march and
lug our knapsacks this hot
weather. Has Mary G (G., Mary) . heard
from John (John) latley (lately) I wrote to
him before We left Fort Ripley (Fort Ripley, Maryland)
and he has not answered it.
Yes I think by the time we
have been here three years we
will be pretty well [eneciated]
in the digging line. We will
know how to fortify Oneida Co
Oneida Company John Booth (Booth, John) says he will work
on the Rail Road (railroad) at three
shillings a day before he will
enlist again. His time was
up the 15th of this month
The ten dollars came safe & the
Courier too. Mother who is Nelie Henyon (Henyon, Nelie)
I dont know as I ever
saw her. My courage holds out
very well. If we suceed (succeed) in taking
Vicksburg (Vicksburg, Mississippi) & Port Hudson (Port Hudson, Mississippi) it
will have quite a tendency to
close this war No more at
present. Give my love to
all enquiring friends and
save a good share for yourselves
Write soon

From your Son G W Pearl (Pearl, George W.) P.S.

please send me
some postage stamps as
I can not (cannot) get any here
Yours G W Pearl (Pearl, George W.)

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