Letter written by [unknown] on September 4, [no year]

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Letter written by an unnamed soldier from Tennesse on September 4, [no year], during the American Civil War, 1861-1863: a machine readable transcription

Sept 4 - We started on from Jasper (Jasper) at
8 A.M. Sending our wagons on around by
Bridgeport a distance of 18 miles - We move off
slowly & steadily forward we pass back through
the woebegone town of Jasper near the grave
of poor A Huffacne (Huffacne?, A.) who fell down suddenly
and died - He causes to carry his gun
& knapsac (knapsack) with his haversac (haversack) & 40 Pounds of
cartridges - He has his final Discharge. We come
up to the Sequatchee  River (Sequatchee River) - It looks very clear
and nice - [We?] [cross?] it - It is a very respectable
stream now - it was but a mere creek at
Pikesville (Pikesville) - We have [us?] are at the Great Tennessee
River (Tennessee River) - The artillery are crossing in small
Boats rowed by hand - It is very tedious. What
confusion - Talking Soughing - Rowing Boats -
swimming &c - It takes some three Hours for the
fords ahead of us to cross - Here go some of 21st Reg (21st Regiment)
Great fortunes! So Such a throwing off coats
knapsacks Guns &c - What an awful scene - The
Boat is sinking - Hats coats &c are floating, now
we can see nothing but their heads - the excitement
is intense - They are getting into
another Boat all are safe - I must [sain?] so
exciting a scene - It was really awful -
now we are all over on the south side of the
River just in sight of Georgia (Georgia) & Alabama -
we visit shell mound - named from the
immense amount of shells - There is
a very long [??] salt [pitre?] [can?] here - We are off
again - We go into camp south the the River 1/2 mile
we have passed over 6 1/2 Miles - Still the
mountains look grand & magnificent - We
have a true chaplin (chaplain) - Bucket (Bucket (Reverend, Chaplain)) from East
Tennessee (Tennessee) - He soon learns to pull corn to feed
his Horse - I never saw a beautiful or
magnificent object but I wish for my
wife to enjoy the sight with me - Genl saunders (Sanders, William Price (General))
Division made beautiful
show crossing the River - Our camp is
in a corn field near the woods on the River
Sept 5th Just on year ago we started back
to Ky (Kentucky) (Kentucky) - How different today - We are going
the opposite direction we lay in camp until
1 o ck - we are ordered to be ready to
march by 3 P.M. but little to eat - a few
crackers a little Bacon & coffee not half
enough - We are Hungry for meat - Off
we go - All perfectly charged - on for Chatanooga (Chattanooga) (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
- Here comes a letter from [home?]
Oh how I delighted to get a good lett-
just as I start on I thank God for this blessing
I thank Him for my wife - I feel very
grateful to him that there is one who loves
me & thinks of me when far away - One that
would make any sacrifice for me - I also
got a letter from Mag? I read my letters
with an overflowing Heart - On we move

PAGE IMAGE over the very worst road I ever saw up
the River at the foot of a most tremendous
mountain the Rail Road skirting the side
of the mountain or running over it - We
move only about one mile per Hour - We go
on over craigs (crags) of rocks so rough that we
cannot travel with our Ambulances in
the dark without a Lantern - at 12 at night
we go into camp in a cornfield and feed
and feast upon Green corn for supper -
We traveled from Nick-a-jack (Nickajack, Tennessee) on the bank
of Tennessee (Tennessee River) - Dr Mills (Mills (Dr.)) says of Dr T S Fitzhugh (Fitzhugh, T? S? (Dr.))
"scared all the way worried? a fatigued could
not sleep for fear of being run over while in
bed - sound asleep - at roll call" Old  Brother Bucket (Bucket (Reverend, Chaplain))
enjoyed the trip - He called at a
house asked how far to Chatanooga (Chattanooga) (Chattanooga, Tennessee) - no body
answered - He called several times - no answer -
I played vantriloquist (ventriloquist) - said 18 miles - Bucket (Bucket (Reverend, Chaplain))
said. Well if there is any body there they will
[now?] wake if they are still asleep -
Sept 6 It is Sunday - We go one half mile & stop
to guard the forks of the road - saw some English
Ladies - They are wives of the coal miners
- They have been gone north 17 months
The coal mines are upon a high mountain
quite a Romantic place - Our wagons
have reached us having travelled (traveled) all
night - Our chaplin (chaplain) preached a
good sermon from "A time to die"
I felt just like my wife was somewhere
in secret prayer upon her
Knees pray for my welfare & pleading
for my speedy return Home - Oh
how I longed for home - There are
various rumors about the [wa--tim-?]
of Chatanooga (Chattanooga) (Chattanooga, Tennessee) - We are only 15 miles
off - Rebels must fight us there or
their army will become demoralized
I must go to bed

[written in margins: Interesting
Soldiers Letter]

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