Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, November 1, 1862

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, November 1, 1862

PAGE IMAGE 11/1/1862
& some bread & milk – a most Excellent dish.
The people were very pleasant to all the sol-
diers, & were evidently, strongly union in their
sympathies.- They had two sons, who had been
in Md. (Maryland) (Maryland) (until our army had crossed the river
into Va. (Virginia) (Virginia River) ) so as to avoid the rebel conscription.
Bread, apples, butter, chickens, & everything
in the provision line, is in great demand, wher-
ever the army goes, & the people sell all they
can spare, to the soldiers.- This morning, we
were informed that our Division had orders to march
at 9 a.m. but as our Reg. was to march in rear
of the whole Division – behind the wagon
train, we did not get started before 11 o'c.
The day has been very fine, a little warm in the
middle of the day, & the roads are in excellent
condition.- We have come today – about 12 miles,
from our last camp, through Waterford (Waterford, Virginia) , (where
Burnside's Headquarters' (Burnside's Headquarters) are, & where his corps
was encamped & Harmony Grove (Harmony Grove, Virginia) ,- both rather
pleasant villages, of course containing some
very shabby houses, as all Va. (Virginia) (Virginia) Villages do, but
having also some nice residences. We are now
PAGE IMAGE within half a mile of Purcellville (Purcellville, Virginia) , which is
3 miles from Harmony Grove (Harmony Grove, Virginia) .- The country thro'
which we have come, since leaving the Potomac (Potomac River) (18 mi.),
is quite rolling - & is an excellent farming
country.- Many of the people brought water to
the soldiers, at the roadside.- We are now
within about 7 miles of the rebels, at Snicker's Gap (Snicker's Gap, Virginia) ,
where we have heard some heavy can-
onading today. Gen Pleasanton (Pleasonton, Alfred (General)) 's Cavalry (General Pleasanton's Cavalry) is
in the advance; no other troops are ahead
of us. We know not how soon we may have
a fight. No doubt a decisive battle will be fought
within a few days.- I hope so, & that the
rebel army may be utterly defeated, that
we may take Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) , & break the back-
bone of the Rebellion in a short time. Then,
when the grand consummation of our hopes
is fully attained, how glad we all will be,
to return to our homes, to enjoy for the re-
mainder of our lives the fruits of the tremen-
dous sacrifices, that have been made for the
preservation of our Gov't.- I rec'd a good
letter, of some length, from Father today (Sunday.)

There has been very sharp cannonading ahead of
us, again to day, but it has now ceased.

I am very well now, & do not intend to
return home, until the war is over, unless taken sick
again, or disabled. Love to Mr. & Mrs. Yates (Yates (Mr. and Mrs.)) & Mary (Mary) .
Write immediately, it is a good while since we have heard
from you.

Affectionately Your bro. Rush (Cady, Rush Palmer) .
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