Letter written by A. H. Botkin from Port William to Mr. William H. Busbey on May 28, 1861

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Letter written by A.H. Botkin from Port William on May 28, 1861 to Mr. William H. Busbey: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE Port William (Port William, Ohio) May 28th 1861, Mr Wm H [Busbey?] (Busbey, William H.) sir

I received your letter last saturday, which
informed me and the Portites generally, that
you was snugly quartered at camp Clay (Camp Clay, Ohio) .
Of your where abouts, I had previously, had
some idea, from your former letter, and also
one from your father accompanying yours.
And I would here say that I am sorrow
on one account that you are where you are,
on another I rejoice that you are there,
I am sorrow that the state of things are such
that demands any American citizen to accupy (occupy)
the position that you now do, I am sorrow
that I am deprived of your society. It makes
me feel bad to think that it is possible
that we may never meet again, for who
can foreshadow the fate of those who go out
to do battle, upon the fated field of blood and
cornage (carnage). It is claimed by some, at least, that
more die from inactivity, being exposed to
the inclemency of the weather &c than by the
edge of the sword. Therefore I would say to
you be careful, as circumstances will permit of
your health. I am glad to know that
there is patriotic blood enough in your vains (veins)
to be willing to beard the Lion, even in his den
that there is heroic determination, enough in
my blood kin, to meet trators (traitors) on the field
of battle and there teach them to know that
there is still a government, in the united states (United States of America) ,
and one strong enough to crush out the last
spark of tratorism (traitorism), in the glorious union

PAGE IMAGE I have just read, of the effect of Col Elsworth (Ellsworth, Elmer E. (Colonel))
s death, upon President Lincoln (Lincoln, Abraham (President)) , and in spite of
my efforts my eyes were suffused with tears.
It is said that Lincoln (Lincoln, Abraham) shed tears, and was so
moved that for a time he lost command of himself,
was that weakness on his part? no, never.
It only shows the magnaniminty and greatness
of his soul Elsworth (Ellsworth, Elmer E. (Colonel)) was a brave man and
a warm personal friend, and any may [man?] with
a soul would want to feel, for his loss, murdered
in cold blood as he was. - And all the consolation
left, is, that the trator (traitor) assassin was shot dow (down)
instanter. I have witnessed scenes, and have
feeling, since last we met, such is toung (tongue) cannot
speak, nor pen paint. But [scene? seen?] and
such feelings, you yourself know about, so you
understand them.

I am teaching again, have about
sixty scholars, and am getting tolerably finely
However some of my best scholars are not tending
but perhaps they will before school closes. - I have
engaged for four months, partly to be paid by
subscription, Bob (Bob) , Ezera (Ezera) , Mary L (L., Mary) , and MariahMariah
are fixing to go to vienna (Vienna) friday. "[they'l?] you
there" and I fear their presents in Nevian (Nevian)
will call up fond reminiscences, and make
sad hearts. - When I received your letter before
this, I took it home read it to your aunt, and
when I came to where you spoke of your [m-ature?]
she turned a way and wept. - I read your last
letter sunday over at [hollits?], Jim Burgess (Burgess, Jim) and Phebe (Phebe)
were there, and they all wept, at its rehesel (rehearsal), I only
refer to this to show you how we feel about

PAGE IMAGE this matter, and yet we bid you God's speed
in the glorious step you have taken. And if
you fall, and fall you must, posterity after you
will, rise up and call you blessed. But our
prayer is that you may serve your country, crush
out rebellion, and return to tell your own story
in your own, way to may (many), very may (many) warm
friends and eager listeners.

Although many a hard battle will be
fought, millions money spent, and many a brave
Son of the north will be called upon to bite the
dust yet Jeff Davis (Davis, Jefferson) and his government,
will be horse (hors) de combat, and traitorism in this
government will be wiped out, and Union
men, both north and south, will take the reins
of government in their own hands, and again
the wheels will moove (move) without a squeak.

We have a military company here
which numbers about sixty men, rank and
file, Your humble servant, is at the head of
said Company. M. B. Johnson (Johnson, M.B.) next. - so
you see that [Mease?] ([Mease?]) and myself are brought
in close proximity. - well this war has done
much, in binding together friends, of the
union, whatever their little personal dificulties (difficulties)
were, they are now all forgoten (forgotten) and the constitution
and the union, and the enforcement
of the laws, are all that we care for
what ever Port William (Port William, Ohio ) is or has been
is local affairs, and private matters, she is now
a unite a sound to the [core?], for the union.
The stars and stripes have waved o'er us ever since
the fall of sumpter (Fort Sumpter, South Carolina) .

PAGE IMAGE The school in No, [I? 1?] Jefferson Township  Greene Co (Green County) (Jefferson Township, Green County, New York)
closes next friday week, you had better come
up. - Their - I was going to say teacher but I
will change and say the man who has been
teaching there, - there is another mistake. Let me
start once more - the man who has been [tooting?]
on up there in No. [I.?] is hardly what we would
call a school keeper. - Still he seems to think
he is playing the devil. - I think he is about
half crazy. - If not he is a fool.

I saw Benet Arnold (Arnold, Benet) the other day
he said his folks were all well. - It got him
a little when I told him you were in Camp Clay (Camp Clay, Ohio) .
Josiah Bailey (Bailey, Josiah) , is considered by some, to
be a traitor and Asa Ballard (Ballard, Asa) was going to flog
him - I suppose his "quaker," that is Bailey (Bailey) x "quaker"
will not allow him to fight. - And he said he would
do nothing to support the war, and they have all
jumped on to the fellow, and went so far as to
even threaten to hand him. Jonathan (Jonathan) of course
would see which day the popular event ran
and would go with it - He is sharp you know
[Temp? (Temperance)?] Atkinson (Atkinson, [Temperance?]) was going to thrash old Peeples (Peeples)
for some of his quaker talk, and we have
been talking of waiting on old Tom Hunnicutt (Hunnicutt, Tom) ,
for explinations (explanations) from him. - This letter was commenced
last night, and though it is directed to Wm H Busbey (Busbey, William H.)
and some of the particulars are especially for him
yet I mean it for Hamilton Busbey (Busbey, Hamilton) also, and
for George Botkin (Botkin, George) , I think and feel for all of
you, and pray to God that you may all return
safe to your homes, after your enlistment expires -
I have writen (written) this letter in a hurry in order to get to send
it to Wilmington (Wilmington, North Carolina) this morning therefore excuse, and write soon
all of you I mean, I wish to be kept posted.

A H Botkin (Botkin, A.H.)
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