Letter written by J. H. Lyon (157th New York state Volunteer Regiment) from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to his parents on July 18, 1863

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Letter written by J.H. Lyon (157th New York State Volunteer Regiment) from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to his parents on July 18, 1863: a machine readable transcription

Gettysburg  Pennsylvania (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) July, 18th .
Dear Parents (Lyon (Mr.)) (Lyon (Mrs.))

it is
with much satisfaction to me
that I have the opportunity of writing
to you, to let you know that
I am well, except my wound
which is doing well, and I hope
these few lines will find you all
enjoying the best of the heavens
blessings. I am at the same
place that I was when I wrote
you before and expect to stay
here till I get so that I can
walk two and one half miles
to the town where I should
take the cars for Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) ,
but how long that will be
I cant tell. I am in no great
hurry to go for I have good care

PAGE IMAGE and good fare and am contented
where ever I may be and
for that reason I might as well
be here as at Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland) . The
doctor that is here with us is a
good one and that is more than
they can say at every hospital,
and I am heartily glad of one
thing that is that I am not at
the Corps hospital, which is about
half a mile from here some of
of the men are obliged to lie on
the ground and their care
is such that their wounds are
filled with magots (maggots).
I must tell you who
came to see me the other
day, I was lying in my bed
thinking of the past and I heard
one of the nurses at the top
of the stairs say that man is
in that room, and all at once
PAGE IMAGE and at my great surprise
who whould I see but Mr
Gillinghart (Gillinghart (Mr.)) stepping into my
room. He seized me by the
hand, and says how do you do
I heard you were badly wounded
dont you think I was glad to
see him, I enquired of the folks
at home, and he said that he
had seen you a short time
previous to his leaving home
and that you were well.
He gave me a pair of
shirts and some pickles
and dried currants and
some paper and envelopes,
and now says he write to me
and to Miss Bennette (Bennette (Miss.)) ,
of course he had to have a
little fun some way. he
asked me if I had money
suficient (sufficient) and I told him
I had, and he says if you
PAGE IMAGE yet but write once I will
send you some. he made
me a short visit and started
for home. I have not much
news to write, only that old  Lee (Lee "Old")
has got back across the river
just as I expected he would.
there are some of our Generals
that had better dig a hole and go
into it and take the hole in
after them. I pity P. H. (H., P.) that he has
got to travel in the Va (Virginia) (Virginia) mud for
a spell. I would like to hear
from you just as soon as you
get this for it has been a long
long while since I have heard
from you, but I told you not
to write.


send me a paper that
has the account of the battle in it.
I have hard that George Miner (Miner, George) &
Lorenzo Shufett (Shufett, Lorenzo) were wounded,
Direct to Co C. 157 regt. (157th Regiment, New York, Company C)
eleventh Corps HospitalEleventh Corps Hospital, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Near Gettysburg
Pennsylvania (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) . In care of Dr Brown (Brown (Dr.)) ,
I shall expect to hear fro you soon.


write all the news how the fourth passed
off, and what you are doing. I send my love
to all. Good-bye for this time

J. H. Lyon (Lyon, J.H.)
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