Letter written by William Mallery from Hamden to his brother on January 31, 1863

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Letter written by William Mallery from Hamden on January 31, 1863 to his brother: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHamden (Hamden) , Jan 31th 1863Dear Brother (Mallery (brother))

I was up
to the village yesterday and
Nett (Nett) read to me on (one) of your
letters stateing (stating) that you have
been sick and must been
very sick but are recovering (recovereing)
but you are accustomed to be
sick a great deale (deal) so you
do not think much of it
I expect, and I am glad to
think you got along so well
We are all Well here at present
and are haveing (having) some sleighing
now for a few days
the winter so far is very mild
a thing that we did not expect
in [Dec.?] But with you I suppose
that you will get cheated
out of Winter that is a Winter

PAGE IMAGE with snow it must be very
pleasant to you to [th--?] to
escape the extreme of heat
and Cold if the sosiety (society) was
as good as it is here it would be
a great chance to settle on
some good Location in that part
of the Country But it will
be a long time to for it will
be after the War, safe to make
it a place of residence I
think by what I can learn that
your place will attacked
in the coure (course) of a few months
by the Rebels they feel sore about
it and will make a ten strike
if they own it will be a
long time yet be fore this war
is over with It now has just
commenced in earnest and
when a battle is fought it will
be a hard one let it be whare (where)
it may Old Butter is going
PAGE IMAGE back to N. Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana) and that is
a good thing he is one of the
go ahead kind and we want
more of them and I think we
will find them yet and I
am firm (firme) in the beliefe (belief)
that we will yet in time restore
the Union But not as it was I hope [Evry?] Nation prepares
it own Cup We have made ours
very bitter But We must Drink
it, i have no News to write you
that I can think of But
I want you to Write to me
and give a discription (description) of the
place and Soil [momes?] and
[Customs?] climate &c yes and
the [centralands?] then
Please to answer soon as

Yours [&c?] Wm Mallery (Mallery, William)
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