Letter written by Mary from Hanover to her friend Maria on February 27, 1864

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Letter written by Mary from Hanover on February 27, 1864 to her friend Maria: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHanover (Hanover) , Feb. 27th 1864. My Friend Maria (Maria) ,

I am ashamed to write after having let such a period
pass by, but I had good reasons, and could not find time to write,
I have been enjoying vacation the last two weeks, but not at home
part of my time I spent with an aunt, and had a very pleasant
time and made several new acquaintances, and flirted
with great success as I afterwards heard. the rest of my
time was spend with my grandmother. had a pretty good
time though rather still. I am now at home again and
school commences next Monday. on the whole I have had a
very good time and expect to resume my studies with fresh
zeal. as this is the beginning of my last year at HanoverHanover (Hanover) Academy (Hanover Academy)
Academy, then I shall either stop going to school, or go away
to finish my education. I cannot tell which the times are
so hard. our gymnastic class has finished, no more gymnastic
for us as our teacher has left for good. I could not help
feeling sad the last night as some of the happiest moments
of my life have been spent there.

There is a new flame in Hanover (Hanover) at present. R. H. (H., R.) I will
not write his name in full as it will do no good. he is very
handsome and we are all after him. I met him on the
street and bowed yesterday, and he returned it so politely
that I lost my heart but this is my common way of expressing

PAGE IMAGE myself and you must not take it as sounds for only one
person really and truly possesses my heart or love either
and he is far away on the battle field and may be fighting
even now. but although one is engaged it is not likely
I shall sit at home and turn my eyes away from
every other gent, that happens to pass, at least I do not
perhaps you do not approve of flirting to me there is
a facination (fascination) in it, that mother says will prove my
ruin. but she need not fear, I think far too much
of my character to do any thing to injure it.

Have you any soldier friends or any near relations in the
army, I think it one of our proudest ornaments at this
time, and although I can boast of no nearer relation
than a cousin yet it is because I have none nearer
I am confident that had my father been living he would
have been one of the first to go forth to crush rebellion
I have six cousins and an uncle in the army. one of them
is in the Richmond (Richmond, Virginia) prison at present. I have lost a cousin
within six months. a fine fellow 17 years old, a great many
of my friends have gone there are few at present in Hanover (Hanover) ,
Oh what an awful awful war how many thousands have
parted with friends never to meet them again, how many
widows and orphans whom it has made desolate. I cannot
look at the lists of wounded and killed without shuddering.
Do you sew for the soldiers or belong to any of the aid societys (societies)
I would be glad to but unfortunately cannot sew. I knit
for them last winter but have done nothing lately, the
most I can do is to patronize all the concerts lectures balls
fairs &c there is to be a concert in the academy hall next week

PAGE IMAGEtuesday eve. I have been making preperations (preparations) to attend, these affairs
seldom cost me anything I think fellow who are too great cowards
to enlist had better spend all their money for the soldiers and
therefore do not scruple to have them pay.

But I am writing a long letter. I think that I have
paid for my past neglect, for if you recollect you letter
was very short. please write a longer letter next time and
tell me every thing you can think of. Do you hear from
Susie (Susie) often when you write tell her I am patiently
waiting for an answer to my last letter.

Ans. soon if my letters are not interesting please
write their faults and I will amend if possible. do not
show this to any one

From your affectionate friend. Mary (Mary) ,

(Mother, Priscie (Priscie) and myself send love.)

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