Letter written by David Olmsted from Harpers Ferry, Virginia to his sister on November 27, 1864

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Letter written by David Olmsted from Harpers Ferry, Virginia on November 27, 1864 to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHarpers Fery (Ferry), VA (Virginia) (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia)
Nov 17th 1864 Dear Sister

I reseived (received) yours
of Oct 20th last evening was
glad to here (hear) from you and
to here (hear) from my litle (little) pet
and what kind of a place
do you think it is for
the child I never [designed?]
giveing (giving) away any of my
children had nothing to say
about that think I could
take care of my own had A
[queer?] leter (letter) last nite (night) from
home got the blues some
today it is A bright Sumer (summer)
day but but I havent
enjoyed my self any since
Ihave been in the armey (army)
but their (there) is nothing to
hinder A single man enjoying
them selves here I have got
up A good shanty for winter

PAGE IMAGE if wee (we) are onley (only) left here
to enjoy them their (there) is
45 out of the Batt doing duty
here their (there) has 2 died out of
Col. L since wee (we) have been here
we fare prety (pretty) well here have
fresh meat about evry (every) day
had good stake (steak) for brekfast (breakfast)
get bresh bread evry (every) day you
beter (better) send Oll (Oll) down here and
I will fat him up if wee (we) stay
here we have Salmon trout
evry (every) day for diner (dinner) but they
dont draw them at the [Co.?]
Stedman (Stedman) from Turin (Turin, New York) has comand (command)
of this detachment he is Lieutenant
in Co. K I supose (suppose) you
know him and you think
because Old  Abe (Lincoln, Abraham (President of the United States) is elected
we mite (might) as wel (well) quit breathing
well many think they can breath (breathe)
[?? ladyes?] in view of A speady (speedy)
over throe (overthrow) of the Southern confederacy
PAGE IMAGE and permanent pace being
established and the old
flag floteing (floating) triumphant
in evry (every) state wont that
be A joyafull (joyful) day may it Soon
be their (there) is troops gowing (going) out almost
daily to Sheridan (Sheridan, Philip Henry (General)) new recruits
comeing (coming) on their (there) was A lot of
Soldiers went throu (through) here this morn
and more this noon A lot of
Cavalry last nite (night) and it was dark
and rany (rainy) they are building the
Shanendoey (Shenandoah) Railroad (Shenandoah Railroad) over so you
may depend we shal (shall) hold the
Shanendoey (Shenandoah)  Valley (Shenandoah Valley, Virginia) this winter
the Cav will soon bee (be)  runing (running)
to [Martinsburgh] (Martinsburg, Virginia) be hopefull (hopeful)
Old  Abe (Lincoln, Abraham (President of the United States)) will finish up the
war to their hearts content so
they never will rebel again
Sheridan (Sheridan, Philip Henry (General)) sent in A lot of
poneys (ponies) yesterday rite (right) soon [--t-?]
all the nues (news) from your afectionate (affectionate)

David Olmsted (Olmsted, David)
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