Letter written by Thomas Monroe from United States General Hospital, Frederick City, Maryland to his friends Franklin and Polley on April 8, [no year]

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Letter written by Thomas Monroe from United States General Hospital, Frederick City, Maryland, on April 8, [no year] to his friends Franklin and Polly C. Tanner of South Granville, New York: a machine readable transcription

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USA Generl (General) Hospital
Frederick CityMd (Maryland) (Frederick, Maryland)   Apr 8th Friends Franklin (Tanner, Franklin) and Polley (Tanner, Franklin (Mrs., Polly C.)) (Tanner, Polly C. (Mrs. Franklin Tanner))

you will doubtless be
surprised to receive a letter
from me but to day I
was lonesome and got
to thinking of my old friends
in Granville (South Granville, New York) , and you in
particular so I thought I
would write you a letter and
see if you would answer it
so here I am
Now I suppose you know
something of my history since
I left Home over a year
ago and it would be need
less for me to give you my
particulars concerning it

PAGE IMAGE so I will onley (only) say that I
have seen harder times within
the last nine months than ever I
did up there on the Hill
a Farming; soldiering
may be all very nice but
I dont see the fun! and
I hope that we will have
no occasion to soldier it
much longer the Rebels are
about played out I think
the war must soon be over
and peicie (peace) once more restored -
to our bleeding
Country God grandt (grant)
that it may be so
Franklin (Tanner, Franklin) I suppose
you are at your springs
work now days well all
I can say is dig away
plant all the Potatoes you
can and I will try to be
PAGE IMAGE up there and help you dig
them I had rather dig Potaoes -
than fight Jhonies (Johnnies)
any day yes or lay in the [earth?]
for it is terriable (terrible)  loansome (lonesome)
here we can not get a pass
more than once in a week
then it is not much, satisfaction
to go out in the
City and see others enjoy
themselves where I can not
myself my health is very
poor I am like an old-broken
down horse hardly able to
get about but I am some
better now than when I first
came here and hope soon
to be well again I felt so
well to day that I got a pass
and went out into the City
it is a very well laid out
place and contains some very
PAGE IMAGE fine buildings but there
is a great many secesh in
it I saw some Houses
that was built during the
Reveleutionary (Revolutionary) war by the
English oficers they are
Stone Buildings and are yet
in tolerable good condition
Well now I guess I had
better bring this disjointed
letter to a close so please
write to me soon and give me
all the news I cannot
put Stamps on my letters for
I cannot get them and I dont
like to have others have to pay
for them but I will close
by giving you my best respects
please remember me to all of
my Friends

Good Bye for
the present from Thomas monroe (Monroe, Thomas) PS

- Please Address Thomas monroe (Monroe, Thomas)
USA Generl (General) HospitalGeneral Hospital, Frederick, Maryland Fredrick City (Frederick, Maryland)
tent 6 Md (Maryland) (Frederick, Maryland)

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