Letter written by Mrs. D. Cady informing Mr. D. Cady, of Rome, New York, of Rush P. Cady's condition, from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 23, 1863

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Letter written by Mrs. Daniel Cady (Fidelia W. Palmer), from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 23, 1863, informing her husband, Daniel Cady, in Rome, New York, of the condition of their son Rush P. Cady, 97th New York Infantry Regiment

PAGE IMAGEGettysburg (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) Thurs July 23d My Dear Husband

I leave Rush (Cady, Rush Palmer) a few
minutes to write – Mrs. Hill (Hill (Mrs.)) sits by
him – I hardly know what to say – We
moved him yesterday, he stood, is
as well as we expected, but he was
very miserable last night.- his nerves
all unstrung – you can have no
idea how low & weak he is, we
feed him wine & stimulants const-
antly, [lather] him off in brandy. &
liquor often, we keep doing constantly
the Hospital Steward staid (stayed) last
night with Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) , he is one of
the kindest & best of men from Boonville (Boonville)
the Hospital physician came too &
Co resident one here – we expect
Dr Chambers (Chambers (Dr.)) today – We are doing
everything we can, & make him
almost as comfortable as he

PAGE IMAGE could be anywhere from home but
my heart aches so sometimes – we
have no ice now, he said this morning
“I want a piece of ice as long as
the end of my thumb,” Ah when
we have it at home so plenty!
Still we have lemonade, quite cool.
He complains not a sound so good
to take his medicine. He said to
me yesterday, “kiss me mother, pray
for me” said his mind “had been
dark & cloudy considerable but
the Lord had always been with
him when he was sick. He talks
very feeble. Oh my husband can
we part with our dear brave
boy – May God give us grace to bear
all we may be called upon to do –
Pray for me & him too, husband
mother & child – but he may live
we have great hopes yet – so many
of his soldier brothers so kind
& the mothers too – I talked with
PAGE IMAGE the lady into whose home he was
brought the day he was wounded –
she said he suffered terribly
groaning all the time – the surgeon
did not think he would live.
She asked if he’s he “had a family” he
says “oh no!” I was a school boy, I
am only 21-“ Oh that my mother
or sister were here”- the next
day he was more comfortable. If
his Grandmother could only sit
by his be, but he likes Mrs. Hill (Hill (Mrs.)) .
Rufus the servant is home waiting
upon us can do anything a good
boy, Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) thinks I might
better take him home with me
he can take care of horses, & loves
children, in fact can do almost
a young girl could – but I do not
know as it would be best, what
do you think of it? Could I get
him through without any trouble?
We allow no one to see Rush (Cady, Rush Palmer)
PAGE IMAGE only those that take care of him. There
is a large place in the wall, here
near where I sit, where one shall come
in from the rebels, & from the
window alone where Rush (Cady, Rush Palmer) [lets] me
see the battle ground of Wed. & where
Gen R (Reynolds, John Fulton (General)) was killed – All the missing &
suffering here how many mothers here
come to find their sons, some died
the day before & [considerable] other in
the Hospitals suffering & […]

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