Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, to his father and mother of Clinton, New York, from Elmira Barracks, August 13, 1863

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Letter written by George W. Pearl, private in the 117th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C and F, from Elmira Barracks, August 13, 1863, to his parents, George A. and Marcia C. Pearl of Clinton, New York: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEElmira (Elmira, New York) Barracks No. 3
Aug 13th/63
Dear Father & Mother

I recd yours of the 9th
Tuesday. It found me well as
usual with the exception of
a hard cold. I have nothing
particular to write as I dont
know for certain when I can
get a furlough. They have
had all of us old soldiers on
guard evry (every) other day for the
last ten days to keep the
substitutes from skedaddleing (skedaddling)
They first had conscripts for
guard but so many subs got
away they put us on non [commish]
and all. We think it pretty
rough on us to have to do guard
duty up North. We havnt (haven't) any

conscripts or Substistutes (substitutes)
under our charge now as all
the Subs have been turned over
to the 50th Engineer Corps (50th Engineer Corps) &
the conscripts are put in another
Barrack by themselves.
When on my way back,--at
Syracuse (Syracuse, New York) I saw Frank Pierce (Pierce, Frank)
Joel Omens (Omens, Joel) and another fellow
from Earlville (Earlville, New York) . Frank (Pierce, Frank) was going
to work at the harness trade for
a man there, but Joe (Omens, Joel) and the
other fellow were on their way
for Canada (Canada) to avoid the Draft
Our Regt has moved since
we were detatched (detached). Capt Bagg (Bagg, Egbert (Captain))
heard from the Regt Tuesday
they were then on Morris Island
S Carolina (South Carolina) (Morris Island, South Carolina) . I think they will
stand a chance to see some tall
fun. I wish I was with them I
dont like the idea of lying
in these Barracks a month or
two and not knowing whether
I can get a furlough in the time
to go home. I am very sorry to
learn that Heart Kenyon (Kenyon, Heart) is
dead. He was well when I left
the Regt. Corp Bailey (Bailey (Corporal)) recd a
from his Brother (sick in the
Hospital at Portsmouth (Portsmouth, Virginia) )
saying that it had been very
sickly in our Regt that ten
were left in the Hospital
when the Regt left for S.C (South Carolina) (South Carolina) .
out of Co. G (Company G.). How did
Uncle & Aunt Crawe (Crawe (Uncle and Aunt)) hear that I
was or had been at home.
I guess I can get along without
those things. The most I want
is my linnen (linen) coat boots & collars
No more at present, the
Bugle has just blown for
breakfast. Give my love to
all and save a good share
for yourselves

From your son G W Pearl (Pearl, George W.) to
G A & M. C. Pearl (Pearl, George A.) (Pearl, George A. (Mrs., Marcia C.)) (Pearl, Marcia C. (Mrs. George A. Pearl))
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