Letter written by T. B. Tarbell Family from Groton, New York to their son Doctor on October, 13, 1861

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Letter written by the T.B. Tarbell family of Groton, New York on October, 13, 1861 to their son, a doctor: a machine readable transcription

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Groton (Groton, New York) Oct 13th 1861 To our absent son Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor)

You may well think we
were glad when Charles (Charles) Came
home & told us he had seen
you & that you were so that
you could walk acrost (across)
your room & when the boys heard
he had got back how they hacked
in to hear from you. all were
glad to hear that you were able to
be up and all disapointed (disappointed) that you
did not come & make us a visit
but disapointment (disappointment) is the common
lot of all but our dear son Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor )
one thing be verry (very) careful & not
expose your self in any way by over
Labour or Exercise of any kind
your appetite may crave something
that will hurt you. I well remember
when I was sick near Baltimore (Baltimore, Maryland)


far from home & friends what
my feelings were, I wanted that I could
not get my nurse nor my doctor would
not let me have it & it seamed (seemed) hard
tho I suppose it was all for the best. as
soon as I got able I could go where I
Pleased. this is not the case I suppose with
you. you are as it were in bondage.
but if you health dose (does) not improve
& you get along you had better
take a Journey home if you have to
loose your time & spend your money
for you will [save?] much faster
& your mind will be more contented
I know it was the case with me then for
I judg (judge) from experience. Charles (Charles) says
that you are so poor you dont
look natural now if you could
stand it to ride you would get
along a great deal faster & as you
are you will not be able to do
anything in a great while. he
said you did not want to come

home because it would be hard to
part again so it would but we
have parted once & we shall have
to part if we ever meete (meet) again &
we could by the grace of God
part chearfully (cheerfully) trusting in him for
he dose (does) all things well, therfor (therefore) we
trust him, & we do cheerfully leave
you in his care for we know he
cares for you. what a consolation
Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor) to think you Early gave your
heart to God, & you have the Prayrs (prayers)
of your dear Parents & off (of) a large
circle of Friends & Brethren in Christ
often does the voice of Prayr (prayer) open a Gods
throne in your behalf. for the restoration
of health & for your return to the place
of your nativity. & we still have faith
in God, that in due time if we faint
not you will be save home again.
Charles says you are very weak do
not be to (too) smart & our doc [Row or Bow?]
says that you worked to (too) hard he
also said you nead (need) not do any
thing you could have all the help
you wanted now be careful Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor)

I will now begin again you
are not aware of the feelings we
had when we heard you were
sick. but from the fact we were
not informd (informed) how bad you was
we are glad now to hear you are
so much better & we think we can
rely on what we have heard but
I want you should write Just
how you are, Charles left with me $17.00
now Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor) you will rite (write)
Every week the Quartermaster
told Charles you nead (need) not do any
thing unless you were a mind to
onley (only)  sea (see) that it was don (done),
I rest Easey (easy) now that you will
ceap (keep) us informd (informed), of your health
so that we may feel conteted (contented),
if you dont get smart so you
are about let us know it. Charles
says to day that he will come back
if he can get a team to drive & he
is to know in a few days

yours as ever T. B. Tarbell (Tarbell, Thomas B.)
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