Letter written by Amanda Dove and Charles Dove from Richland Center to their sister on January 30, 1863

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Letter written by Amanda Dove and Charles Dove from Richland Center, Pennsylvania to their sister on January 30, 1863: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE Desperate Charge of Fremont (Fremont) 's Body Guard Oct. 25th, 1861

Richland Center (Richland Center, Pennsylvania) Jan 30 1863 Dear Sister

after so long a silence
I seat my self to write a few lines
to you hoping they will find you all
enjoying good health, we are all
as well as comon (common) the babys (babies) have
never been very healthy though
I think as they get older they
seem to be healthier little Willie (Willie)
has been sick a great deal Charles (Charles)
is very healthy and has been for a
year as for my self I am a poor
little thing I wont weigh more
than 160 poor me

[Written in margins:] The following is written across the top of pages 1 and 4.

Dear Matilda (Matilda) I thought it best to inclose Amanda (Amanda) letter to you
we are all well

PAGE IMAGE I have been up to Father (Dove (Mr.)) s to day they
are all well Mother (Dove (Mrs.)) fell and
sprained her wrist this fall
so they have had a girl to
help them this winter Lyman (Lyman) s
folks are well they have a
little boy they call him Homer (Homer)
tell Catherine (Catherine) we have not seen
her out here yet hope we shall
soon I wrote a letter to her last
august have never received an
answer I dont know as they ever
got my letter we want to hear
from them very much
Mother (Dove (Mrs.)) expresses a great anxiety
to hear from you all very often
though she thinks she cant
write Father (Dove (Mr.)) and Mother (Dove (Mrs.)) come
to see us often Lyman (Lyman) has
been here to work with Charles (Charles)
this winter they are making
sleighs though there has not

PAGE IMAGEben (been) much sleighing here this winter
they find good sale, it has been a
very warm pleasent (pleasant) winter here
the most so that I ever saw
it seems more like spring than
winter it is a very good thing for
poor people that have large
famlys (families) clothing is very dear here
and I expect it is there coton (cotton)
cloth 35 cts calico 25 and all
other things acrding here,
I dont know but you all think
because we dont write often we
dont wish to hear from our friends
but far from that I dont have
much time to write and there has
been a great share of the time for
a year that my eyes have been so
weak that I could not write
I have been telling Charles (Charles) to
write this long while and he says
PAGE IMAGE he will but he is so busy he dont
about it he is a going to write a
letter to John (John) next Sunday
we were all over to see Gillman Thompson (Thompson, Gillman)
people last Sunday they
seem to be quite comfortable, living
on their own place and look as
if they could get a good living
James Thompson (Thompson, James) is in the army
I dont know what to say about
this teruble (terrible) war for you know as
much about it as I do and can say
with us all that you wish it was
over we heard that Homer (Homer) had a
discharge and was glad to hear
it Uncle Alphos (Alphos (Uncle)) folks are well
he was here and took diner (dinner) with us
a few days ago Jane (Jane) is at home
this winter C (C) says tell you
he has not forgoten (forgotten) you shall write
soon with much love to you all
we say good night

Amanda (Dove, Amanda) and Chas Dove (Dove, Amanda)

[written in the right margin of page 4:] Write Soon

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