Letter written by W. W. Minturn from Groton, New York to his friend Tarbell on July 13, 1861

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Letter written by W. W. Minturn from Groton, New York to his friend Doctor Tarbell on July 13, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEGroton (Groton, New York) July 13th 1861 Friend Tarbell (Tarbell, Doctor)

I am at your
fathers visiting I got home two
weeks ago safe and sound after
a long absense I find a great
many changes here but generally
I find things very natural it
seems like enjoying life to
get back here once more
Silas (Silas) the girls were at John [Moes?] ([Moes?])
night before last and
had the best time I have
had in seven years
I would like to have found
you here but I am glad you
are in so good a cause I can
wait a little time to see
you when I expect to see
you loaded with all the honors of a
successful war

PAGE IMAGE I landed in New York (New York)
the 24th of June and if I
had known you was on
the island I should have
tried hard to see you
but I hope to see you yet
before long all that I can
say to you is be careful
of your health and you will
come out all right you are
in a good cause and it is
bound to triumph I know
how you have to live
and if you are like me
you will enjoy life all
the better when you get
back after making the trip
I need not say to you to
keep good courage for I know
you will do that and it
is the thing every one has to exercise
PAGE IMAGE in making a trip of
that kind or any other
away from house and friends
if I had not been gone
so long I should be
tempted to start out
my self but I dont think
I will be needed so I will
wait and see

Yours respectfully W. W. Minturn (Minturn, W.W.) , To Doctor Tarbell (Tarbell, Doctor)
PAGE IMAGE Dock (Tarbell, Doctor)

I will write a little to
you about the 4th I went with
Sile (Sile) and Anna Francis (Francis, Anna) . This with
Ed (Ed) we had a very good time
we went to North Lansing (Lansing, New York) from
there to the Harbor and got Dinner
there was 11 Carriges (carriages) went in
company to gather from the Corners
to the harbor and there they
split up some went to Ithaca (Ithaca, New York) &
some to Dryden Corners (Dryden Corners, New York) we went to
Ithaca (Ithaca, New York) had a nice ride on the lake
about an hour stayed to Ithaca (Ithaca, New York) rite (right)
after the fireworks they were very nice
but not as nice as they were two years ago
Thire (There) is going to Mr Walter White (White, Walter) s to
work a few weeks. Jennie Hall (Hall, Jennie) of Groton (Groton, New York)
is married to a Delano (Delano) , and the story
is reported that Jennie Omand (Omand, Jennie) and
Charley Perigo (Perigo, Charley) is going to strike up a match
I have not seen M. L. C. (C., M.L.) since we wer (were) at the Lyceum

Silver (Silver) folks were over last night and stayed all night
Mrs Beebe (Beebe (Mrs.)) is a [livee?] yet but failing very fast she cannot
sit up any to speak of. And Stanley (Stanley) poor boy
is Dead is he [Wer?] felt
very bad when he
heard of it
they could not
believe untill
the Captain
sent him a
letter respecting
it his Death
has never come
in the paper
but Clarks (Clarks) did
write as soon
as you get this
this is the 3d
time that I
have written to

from Ann Tarb. (Tarbell, Ann) Groton
NY (New York) (Groton, New York)
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