Letter written by Milton F. Swe? from Patrick Station, Virginia to his sisters on February 12, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Milton F. Swe? from a camp near Patrick Station, Virginia to his sisters on February 12, 1865: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE Camp near Patrick StationVa (Virginia) (Patrick Station, Virginia)
Feb 12th 1865
Dear Sister's Sisters

your kind and
welcom (welcome) letter came to hand
in due season and I was glad
to hear from you once more
but vary (very) sorry to hear Brother EugeneEugene
was dead. Mother wrote
that he had the diptheria but
thought it was ot dangerous
It beats all how our familay (family)
steps off. we cant tell
who will be next thare (there) is
onely (only) four of us now, and I
hope I will live to see all thar (there)
is left, I am well and hope
when you receive this you will
be injoying (enjoying) the same blessings
of life The weather is
vary (very) fine at presant (present) and we

PAGE IMAGE are injoying (enjoying) our selves as well
as can be expected considering
the deprivations that a soldier
has to contend with
We had
quite a fight down here the
uther (other) day you could not hardly
hear your self think and all
it amounted to was to
whip the Rebs and take thare (their)
brest work (breastwork) and thare (their) railroad
and two waggons loads of cotten (cotton)
and wagon load of navy tobaco (tobacco)
the reps keep deserting all the
time, one man come in
the other night and he
was dressed up to kill he
sayd (said) he had them sent from
home and he thought he
would try the union army
he sayd (said) that thay (they) was paying
off in thare (their) Brigade but
he did not care for that
PAGE IMAGE for thare (their) money was not
worth eny (any) thing. well I suppose
may (May) is married, as the fellow
sayd (said) she is married out of
this wourld (world) of misery

well I cant write to day
eny (any) how,

yours truly Milton F [Swe-?] ([Swe-?], Milton F.)

Write Soon


did charity Baker (Baker, Charity) write
a letter to me or did [dorleskey?] ([dorleskey?])
don't you know eny (any) thing
about it pleas (please) tell me in your

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