Letter written by C. W. Bennett from Camp Winfield Scott, near Yorktown, Virginia to his sister Eliza on April 25, 1862

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Letter written by C.W. Bennett from Camp Winfield Scott, near Yorktown, on April 25, 1862, Virginia to his sister Eliza: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGECamp Winfield Scott (Camp Winfield Scott, near Yorktown, Virginia) ,
Near Yorktown, Va (Virginia) (Yorktown, Virginia) , April 25th 1862Dear Sister Eliza,

I received your letter
dated April 25th yesterday, it
is the first letter I have received
from you since some time in February,
I think I wrote to you last
in Camp Griffin (Camp Griffin, Virginia) ,

We left Camp Griffin (Camp Griffin, Virginia) about
the 12th March, and have been
continually on the move ever since.
We first went to Fairfax Court House (Fairfax Court House, Virginia)
Then we had orders to prepare for
a journey down to Fortress Monroe (Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia) .
On Sunday 23rd March we left Alexandria (Alexandria, Virginia)
for Fort Monroe (Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia) and arrived there
on the evening of 24th. On Tuesday
morning we were put off at Hampton (Hampton, Virginia) ,
the village that was burnt by the Rebs
last summer. It is the prettiest

PAGE IMAGE place for a village, that I have
seen any where in the U.S. (United States of America) that
I have visited. I saw the Walls
of one of the oldest Churches in
America (United States of America) . There is a grave yard
around the church, where there is several
Revolutionary soldiers buried. There is
a grave ther of a Mr. Willis Wilson (Wilson, Willis)
who died the 19th day of November 1701, aged 128 years. He was born
in 1573. On Monday the 31st myself
our [H-pilat?] Steward and about
200 boys belonging to our Reg't.
were in the JamesĀ  River (James River) swimming
about 1 mile above Newport News (Newport News, Virginia) when
a Rebel gun boat ran across the river
from the reb side, and before
we were aware of her presence sent
a shell in amongst us. The shell
struck the water about 15 feet from
the steward and me, bounded in the
are came down and bursted within
PAGE IMAGE 5 feet of us. Lucky for us none
of the pieces hit anyone. If you
could have seen the boys run for
shore and put for camp you would
have Laughed yourself to death. -
Some run to camp start (stark) naked,
others got their coat sleves (sleeves) on where
their pants ought to be, and I
thought my pants and other clothes
were the Longest coming on they ever
were before. However the steward
and myself stayed on the shore
until we had our clothes all on.
The boat threw 5 shells at us without
doing any injury, when she went
over to her own side.

Since that we have moved
camp several times. We are now
within 1/2 mile of the enemys pickets,
you can expect to hear of a big
battle in a few days, yesterday the
Col. and Major of the 93 Regt N.Y. (New York) (93rd Regiment, New York)

PAGE IMAGE deserted, and went over to the
Rebs side, bad luck to them if
we ever catch them.

My health is very good
now, but I have lost 15 pounds
since we left camp Griffin (Camp Griffin, Virginia) .

Give my Love to John (John) and
write often, Direct your letters
the same as you have alwas (always) done.

My Love to you, C. W. Bennett (Bennett, Charles W.) P.S.

I have to frank
my letters because I can't get any postage stamps
Charly (Charles)

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