Letter written by Alice [Tarbell?] from Lansing to Uncle Doctor Tarbell on September 12, 1861

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Letter written by Alice [Tarbell?] from Lansing, New York to Uncle Doctor Tarbell on September 12, 1861: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGE "If any one attempts to haul down the American Flag, shoot him on the spot."

Lansing (Lansing, New York) Sept. 12th / 61. Uncle Doctor (Tarbell, Doctor) ,

I now sit down this
evening to write to you to let you
know that we are all well and hope
this will find you the same I have
wrote two letters to you but I suppose
that you have not received neither one
uncle Jhonson (Johnson? (uncle)) came over this
evening and fetched that letter that
you sent Grandpa over to us and
I told him that I had wrote two
letters and told him where I directed
and he said you had not got
my letters and so I go right and
sit down and write. I directed
my two letters to washington (Washington, District of Columbia) I presume
if you would send to washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
you could get the letters. I hope so
I shouldent (shouldn't) wonder than there were

PAGE IMAGE three or four letters. Our picnic
is all over with we had a nice
time and would have had a nicer
time if it had not have rained
it was yesterday. they had it in
the baptist meeting house at the
corners the house was cramed (crammed) full
Aleavia Newman (Newman, Aleavia) and I Spoke single
peices (pieces) there were no other girls nor
boys that spoke. Our folks all
went and we got catched in the
rain when we came home I took
a letter to the office a tusday Tuesday .
there is a going to be a picnic up in
Scipio (Scipio, New York) next week as I wrote in
my other letter pa (Tarbell (Mr.)) and Robert Lane (Lane, Robert)
are going up with a four horse
team and I suppose they will have
a very nice time if it is not stormy
they had a very nice table up
to the corners our school is not
out yet but it soon will be
out we have from ten to twelve
PAGE IMAGEscollars (scholars) they are a fraid (afraid) of the
sore throat Calvin Decamp (Decamp, Calvin)
has lost his oldist (oldest) Son Miran (Decamp, Miran)
he died with the sore throat
the sore throat has been very
bad around here again and
there are some cases of it yet
Calvin Decamp (Decamp, Calvin) s whole family
has had it except his aunt
and him self but they are
all getting better so that the
Doctor only comes every other day
Doctor Moe (Moe (Doctor)) doctors them there
has been 4 sick. Isreal Robinson (Robinson, Israel)
has lost two children and
they have had 5 or six sick and
we heard that there were two
more sick we do not know
wether (whether) it is so or not a young
man and woman they are.
I and Ida (Ida) were at school to day
I was at the head of the class
I have got 25 Credit marks for
PAGE IMAGE getting to the head I have been
at school 90 or 95 days I think our
school will be out next wensday Wednesday
if nothing dosent (doesn't) happen I have
got me a box of paint I had my
box of paint to school to day and painted
this noon I sent you a very nice wreath painted
but I suppose you have not got the letter
that it was in this morning pa (Tarbell (Mr.))
is a going to make a beginning
of cutting down some of his trees
he is a going to build a barn
next summer 34 by 46 and 18 feet
high he thinks it will look high
by the time you get back PaTarbell (Mr.) has
hired three hired hands and
the third one has come to work for him
it is Dany Beardsley (Beardsley, Dany) , the pole was cut
down at the corners about the first of sept. and the flag stole they broke into
[Rascal or Raseal? (a name?)] Bearslie (Bearsley) s shed and stole the flag they
had a very nice flag pa (Tarbell (Mr.)) and Ma (Tarbell (Mrs.)) were at Ithica (Ithaca) (Ithaca, New York)
last saturday to the union meeting the Journal
says that it was calculated that were about
1500, thousand people there. Write as soon as you
get this

yours truly Mr Doctor Tarbell (Tarbell, Doctor) from
your affectionate niece, AliceAlice.
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