Letter written by Thomas Monroe from United States General Hospital, Frederick City, Maryland to his friends Franklin and Polley on June 26, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Thomas Monroe from the United States General Hospital, Frederick City, Maryland, on June 26, 1865, to his friends Franklin and Polly Tanner, of South Granville, New York: a machine readable transcription

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USA Generl (General) HospitalUnited States General Hospital (Frederick, Maryland)
FrederickMd (Maryland) (Frederick, Maryland)   June 26thFriends Franklin (Tanner, Franklin) and poley (Tanner, Franklin (Mrs., Polly C.)) (Tanner, Polly C. (Mrs. Franklin Tanner))

I now take this opportunity
to answer your letter whitch (which)
I received some time ago
my reasons for not answering
it before is that I
had nothing to write for
it is a dull place here I
can tell you there dont seem
to by any buisness (business) going on
in Frederick it is not like
our Northern towns.
My health is very
good at present and I hope
this will find you the
same. I am nursing here
now for there is a good

PAGE IMAGE many sick and wounded
who are not able to be sent
Home yet nor wont be for
months to come and some
person has got to stay and
take care of them so it will
be some time before I get
away from here

Franklin (Tanner, Franklin) I suppose
you have commenced
haying by this time the
Farmers are cuting (cutting) their
Wheat about here they say
their wheat is the best
it has ben (been) for ten years
they dont have any Potatoes
to hve (have) down here nothing
but Wheat and corn I dont
think the White men work so
PAGE IMAGE as you do they hire the
negroes for they will
work very cheap so it is
very seldom that a white
man can get work from the
Farmers this freeing the slaves
is bad for the poorer class
who have to Labor for
their support it seems
rather hard that after
these same men who have
Fought and sufered (suffered) everything
in in defence of their country
and to free the slaves that
now they should take the
Bread out of their mouths
to feed the Blacks and now
the negroes are not satisfied
they wish to be allowed the
right of suferage (suffrage) and to
hold offices they want
power. This Nation will
PAGE IMAGE yet Rue the day that
they turned them loose
upon the country
you spok (spoke) in your last
letter of henry Welch (Welch, Henry) being
home I would like to see
him well I am very sorry
that he met with such
an accident his career in
the army is widley (widely)  diferent (diffrerent)
from mine I suppose we
had diferent (different) motives for
enlisting Please tell Henry (Welch, Henry)
that I would be very happy
to hear from him for it is
a long time since I got
a letter form him But I
will close excuse poor
writing write soon

Good Bye Thomas Monroe (Monroe, Thomas) address Thomas Monroe (Monroe, Thomas)
USA Generl (General) H.s.pUnited States General Hospital (Frederick, Maryland)
FrederickMd (Maryland) (Frederick, Maryland) Barrack L T M (Monroe, Thomas)
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