Letter written by Daniel Preston Adams from Summit Point, Virginia to his sister Esther on April 18, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Daniel Preston Adams from Summit Point, Virginia to his sister Esther on April 18, 1865: a machine readable transcription

Summit PointVa (Virginia) (Summit Point, Virginia) Apr 18th Sister Esther (Esther)

I acknowlege (acknowledge) the
receipt of your letter dated 12th
it came to hand last night I
was very glad to hear from you an (and)
that you were usualy (usually) well my health
is very good for me all
things considered We are in camp
in a nice piece of woods have been
here just one week to night it is
on the road from Stevenson station (Stevenson Station, Virginia)
towards Harpers Ferry (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) about
ten miles from the former
place I dont know what we are
here for unless it is to wait to
know where they want us that
being the case we may remain
considirable (considerable) time for the Rebs
are gone under in this department

PAGE IMAGE Lee (Lee, Robert E. (General)) s whole Army with Richmond (Richmond, Virginia)
Petersburg (Petersburg, Virginia) and Linchburg (Lynchburg) (Lynchburg, Virginia)
and the report is Mosby (Mosby, John Singleton (General)) has
given hinself (himself) and whole hand up
to ["too"?] Now with all this success where
will they want us unless it is to
remain where we are or in this
visinaty (vicinity) for a while yet at any
rate The late success of our Armys
fills us with joy but our rejoising (rejoicing)
has been turned to mourning our
President is dead just as the
Country began to realise the return
of peace the result of four years
war and hard fighting he was
stricen (struck) down not by disease no no
but by the Bloody hand of Assasin
what an event pen cannot
describe the horror and grief the
loial (loyal) portion of our countryman
must feel as the (they) receive the
PAGE IMAGE sad news History will record
the deed as one of the most deliberate
and cold blooded ever
known The facts of the Murder
you will have long before this
reaches you if not already
there for I will not dwell any
longer upon so mournful a
subject Tis a cloudy morning
and looks like rain we have a
cold backward season for this
State so says the citizens it is
about a mont (month) earlier here than
it is at home in common seasons
The fruit trees are in bloom Peaches
Apples and Cherrys Currant
Bushes are pleanty (plenty) and appear to
be well loaded it is a good region
for fruits Winter grain is
looking well but many pieces
are trampled on and spoiled
PAGE IMAGE by Army Marching over them
and our supply trains makes
roads in all directions The farms
near here are not striped (stripped) so much
of Fences and Buildings as other
parts of the valey (valley) where we
have been as they were farther
from the scene of conflict and
strife I read a letter
last evening from Hallsey (Hallsey) s
folks that Sanford Shearman (Shearman, Sanford)
had they wrote of great damage
done by the freshet Sanford (Shearman, Sanford)
is well so is Albert Dellow (Dellow, Albert)
there is no sickness in the
Regt that I know of you wrote
of Charles Babcock (Babcock, Charles) I am glad to
learn that he is well I must close
give my respects to all to Father (Preston (Mr.))
and Mother (Preston (Mrs.)) and my prayer is
we may soon meet one and all to
enjoy home and the comforts
of that dinner you spoke of good day

From Daniel Preston (Preston, Daniel)
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