Letter written by Alanzo Finch from Ossibaw Sound to his brother and sister on December 13, 1862

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Letter written by Alonzo D. Finch from Ossabaw Sound, Georgia on December 13, 1862 to his brother and sister: a machine readable transcription


PORT ROYALSC (South Carolina) (Port Royal, South Carolina)
FEB 20 [year unclear]

H. H. Poppino (Poppino, Henry H.)
Perry City
Schyler Co
NY (New York) (Perry City, New York) (Schuyler County, New York)

[written in margins: S, S Steamer, Dawn]


Osibaw (Ossabaw)  Sound (Ossabaw Sound, Georgia)   Dec 13th 62
Dear Brother (Poppino, Henry H.)
And Sister

Your kind letter was duly
recvd (received) on the 21st last month;
Excuse my delay in writing The mail
runs so irregular here; it is imposible (impossible)
to answer your letters with the same
punctuality that you Can mine;
I know that I have a kind and loving
Sister one who will not centure (censure) or
attribute this delay of him to any
neglect I often wish it was so I
could hear from you every day. I
should be much better satisfied
you may think I am perfectly
Contented think nothing about home
I wish it was [never?] the Case with
me than it is; For my mind of lately
has been Consaltey (constantly) at home

PAGE IMAGE I can hardly keep my mind while
at work on what I am doing
I can hardly reconcile my mind to
believe that mother (Finch (Mrs.)) is dead It all
seems like a dream I can fancy I still
see her walking around the house as she
used to do That dear old mother (Finch (Mrs.)) our
dearest friend; there is none knowest
the value of a Mother more than me;
a child that is always away from home;
anyway strangers know well how to appreciate
it when he Comes home Now Sister
to tell you the truth I am getting tired
of this life if I was getting the Captains
Salerry (salary) I should not be satisfied with
it; I have at present one of the easiest
billets in the ship getting three times
the pay I could [an? share?] any prison
would naturally think what reason
has he to be dissatisfied; It is
Conefinement (confinement) deprived of all the
comforts of life It is all verry (very) fine
to think about But let them who
PAGE IMAGE think so try it; actual experience
is the only true method of finding out
The only thing we have to [our? answer?] our
selves is when we can get in a jolly good
fight along with sesesh; you mint (might)
think that would be the means making us feeling
down hearted I can asshure (assure) you that it
has a verry (very) different affect we have
had a Considerable of it lately The Dawn
with our New Captain and 100 lt ["lb"?] rifle has
distinguished her self lately we have
got a new Battery of very heavy guns
we have completely silenced one Battery
alone burnt a rebil (rebel) Schooner and returned
without losing a man; Since then
we have been engaged in something
that did not turn out so favorable
It was the attacked on fort McAlester (Fort McAllister, Savannah, Georgia)
we had to withdraw after a bombardment
of hours; without any loss on our
ship & we had some pretty hard
work for some time & we expect
to renew the attack as soon as
PAGE IMAGE Receive reinforcements, I
was in hopes we should hear
something about Coming home;
I do not think now unless Something
of great importance takes place;
we shall; come home before
spring I am in hopes that this
[--ttin--?] of Congress will accomplish
some thing; I wrote a letter to
Mr. Potter (Potter (Mr.)) a few days ago I
arranged the money you spoke
of Father (Finch (Mr.)) to be in want of with
him he will make it all Satisfactory
give Miss Hatridge (Hatridge (Miss.)) my love and
many thanks for her Compliments
and that they can feel ashured (assured) that
I have not forgotten them my love
to Father (Finch (Mr.)) and Aunt and [Jan?] in
hopes the time is not far distant
when we shall meet we should
each one of us live a life that
[togute?] inable (enable) us to meet where
parting would be as never;
Scarcity of room Compells me to Close
my love and best respects to Sister Annie (Annie (Sister))
and family; Tell them they [needd? should? not?]
expect to hear from me untill
they write my love to Henry (Henry) and
tell him to take good care of him
self if he intends to [hear? have?] that [bush---?]
Direct the same as before

A D Finch (Finch, Alonzo D.)
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