Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his uncle and aunt from Nashville, Tennessee, February 12, 1865

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Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his uncle and aunt from Nashville, Tennessee, February 12, 1865: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGENashvilleTenn. (Tennessee) (Nashville, Tennessee)
Feb 12th 1865Uncle & Aunt

Last evening I received your kind
and ever welcome letter, and now take the ever
faithful pen to write a few words to you in
return. this is one of the most beautiful
day's that I ever saw. not a cloud to be seen
and just warm enough to be pleasant. it
seemes (seems)  to (too) bad to be obliged to spend it here,
but as I have to spend it here, I can spend
it in no pleasanter way than writing to you
for writing you know is the next thing to
visiting and certainly it would be pleasant to
have a visit with you today if it is sunday,
would like to know how you are all spending
this day up there in the north, but I can
imagine somthing (something) how its going up there,
its agravating (aggravating) to think about it, but some
consolation in thinking that six months will
see myself a free man, or boy rather "oh glorious thought -"
I am now in the office of the Medical Director
in the same building that I have been in
all the time, but another office, there is
fourteen clerks and orderlie's on duty
connected with this office.

PAGE IMAGE a very good crowd too. of course there
is some not liked so well as others,
you know there is alway's some black sheep
to be found. this morning I have been out
riding in the country. one of the boy's and
myself took our horse's and went out about
three miles. we have some dispatche's which took
out apart (a part) of the way and then we went on
farther just for the sake of going out in the
country, I do like to get out of the city, away
from the noise, once in awhile (a while). I have all
the riding to do that I want and a little
more and some ride's that are anything
but pleasant, but I alway's jump at the
chance of going out in the country and
when we do go out we alway's have a good
time. then Leroy (Leroy) has not got married yet
well that is a little surprising to me, but
I always knew he was a sensible sort of a
fellow and I dont think he will throw
away his freedom so soon after getting
it, I have received one letter from him
and answered it, have not heard from the
regt in somtime (some time), am expecting letter's soon.
what is causing so much buying and selling
of farm's up there this winter, I shall not
know the neighborhood when I get home
again, I suppose you are all glad that
PAGE IMAGE the Derkin (Derkin) 's are coming back that way
again. that is a perfect nuisence (nuisance).
would like to attend some of them
[L yeann's?] up there but that is impossible (imposible)
but I will be able to do so somtime (some time) if
I live, have you seen Crandall (Crandall) since he
was west if so how did he like the place
and the folk's out there, and by the way
is there any call now for using the blue
vitrol remedy anymore, I want to ask about
forty question's but I will not ask any more
this time, there is nothing interesting here
to write about. this leave's me in the best of
health, and I hope it may find you all
well too accept my kind regards. and please
excuse this miserable attempt at a letter
hoping to hear from you soon I will close

From your Nephew Henry Welch (Welch, Henry) P.S.

adress (address) as before
NashvilleTenn. (Tennessee) (Nashville, Tennessee)
Lock Box no. 50.

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