Letter written by D. Shannon Jr., 141st Regiment, from Washington D.C. to his wife

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Letter written by D. Shannon Jr., 141st Regiment, from Washington D.C. to his wife: a machine readable transcription

Detahed (Detached) of 141 R'gt (141st Regiment)
Camp at wishington (Washington) (Washington, District of Columbia) on
the ilen (island) we are a garding (guarding)
the long brig (bridge) it is a mild (mile)
and a half long. i think i
am giting (getting) a little to fast
So i will tell you how
i am a giting (getting) along. i am
well and hope that theas (these)
few lines will find you
injoying (enjoying) the Same helth (health)
well my dear wife (Shannon (wife)) i am
a taking a grate (great) deal of
comfert (comfort) since i got my
box i am very much
pleased with it you sed (said)
it was not a very big
one but i think it big
little box what i mean
by that is it is the best
box that i have seen come
in camp yet

PAGE IMAGE for evry (every) thing was just
what a solger (soldier)  neaded (needed)
my dear i dont no (know) how
i can ever pay you for
your kindness i am a hundred
times obliged to you and
all of your folks for it
we have got marching orders
and expect to go evra (every) moment
and we all think it
will be to the front
i dont much car (care) if it
will close the war it
is a gitting (getting) to be a big
thing and the sooner
it clooses (closes) the better
we Sleep in a tavern
at present and we have
some big times in the
ballroom well my dear
i wish it was so that
i could come home
when albert (Albert) was home
PAGE IMAGE but i dont think it will
be so i can with out
the war does and i dont
think that can be as
soon as that for the
ofisers (officers) have not made
quite anugh (enough) money i think
when thay (they) all git (get)  thare (their)
pockets full this war
will close you must
excuse me for not writing
more and my poor writing
write soon as you get this

From your Husband D Shannon Jr. (Shannon, D. Jr.) WashingtonD.C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)

tell cariline (Cariline) that
i shal (shall) write to
hur (her) as soon as i
git (get) time tell hur (her)
that i got the likeness
all safe and was very
glad to git (get) it

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