Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Sandy Hook, West Virginia, on September 4, 1862, to his father, Luther Welch, of North Hebron, New York

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Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Infantry Regiment, Company K, from Sandy Hook, Washington County, West Virginia, on September 4, 1862, to his father, Luther Welch, of North Hebron, Washington County, New York, #cw02000


WASHINGTON D. C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
Sep 13?

Mr Luther Welch (Welch, Luther)
North Hebron
Washington Co (Washington County)
NY (New York) (North Hebron, Washington County, New York) (Washington County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE Sandy Hook (Sandy Hook, Maryland) Sep 4 1862 Dear Father (Welch, Luther) ..

I sit down to write
a few lines to you to let you
know that I am alive well and
in good spirits. we're at place
called Sandy Hook (Sandy Hook, Maryland) about a mile
from Harper's ferry (Harpers Ferry) (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) we campt (camped)
here last night. we have been
all about since I wrote. I should
[] wrote before if we had not
left our knapsacks they have
not come yet we may not get
them in two or three weeks
I could not get any
paper untill I hapend (happened) to find
this sheet we left arlington (Arlington)lights (Heights) (Arlington Heights, Virginia)
last Monday afternoon we got to
Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) just dark we staid (stayed)
roud (round) the streets all night waiting
for the cars and I and Philo (Philo) spread
out a part of a tent and slep (slept)
we went to Fredrick city (Frederick, Maryland)

PAGE IMAGE we got there about dark Tuesday, we staid (stayed) all night
there. Wensday (Wednesday) morning we
went out three miles west
of the city and staid (stayed) there until
Thursday night we then startd (started)
for Harpers ferry (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) but stop
here. there is a ridge of
mountains on each side of us
they had a fight on one of
them two weeks ago. two of
our boys found some old
muskets up there and brought
them in. I and Horace (Horace) got
a pass and went out on a
rebel camping ground
we picked up some letters
that was wrote to the rebel
soldiers. they wrote that
they was anxiously
waiting for them to whip the
Yankees out so they would be
PAGE IMAGE at home again I think
they are waiting in vain
I took of some stamps from
some old envelopes I will send
them up. when we started
from Washington (Washington, District of Columbia) we
expected to have a fight
before this time they
tell us that we are on the
reserve of Mcclelans (McClellan, George Brinton, General)
army he has eighty thousands
reserve his army is
a going to [sweep] every thing
before it we left our blankets
and every thing but our
overcoats we can hear the
cannon when they fight
now. I suppose you have
got most through diging (digging)
potatoes we are all a comeing (coming)
PAGE IMAGE up to eat a few in a few
days. in a few months at
any rate these rebels are
going under in a hury (hurry)
now I went out in a field
the other day and saw about
four hundred horses that
had been in the army
they looked heard they
had turned them out to get
in good condition again
you write as soon as you
get this I have not got
any letter for a week
Smith (Smith) and Philo (Philo) are
well. I send my love to all the family kiss Helen (Helen)
and Delia (Delia) for me so.

Good Bye

From your son
Henry Welch (Welch, Henry)
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