Journal of John Humphrey, April 1863 - March 1865

Journal of John Humphrey, April 1863 - March 1865


John Humphrey April 1863
Co B 117 N [Y V]

[Pages 1 and 2 are missing.]

PAGE IMAGEa Stand of [collom] 60 Priseners (prisoners)
and 6 [ Regtts ] Regts of artilery (artillery) .

We crossed the River
had a Skirmish with
the Rebs. Wm C Casselman
wounded in the leg.

every thing quiet along
the lines.

22nd Rebs attempt
to crosse (cross) the [Mansemend]
but did not Succeed in
doing it.

May We moved
to Pourtsmouth (Portsmouth) .

June 22nd
We Started on a [raid] up
the Peninsula taking
Transports at Pourtsmouth (Portsmouth)
and we landed at York town
about 2 o clock. We
in camped (encamped)   ever night (overnight)

PAGE IMAGEJust out side of the Rebel
Fortifications taken by

24th I went
around to see McCllan 's

25th I went
[Black Running] .

26th moved
takeing (taking) Transports and
started for White House Landing.
We Passed West Point
and a number Rebels [Raltme]
on the [Pumkey]   River .
arrived at White House Landig (Landing)
about 1 oclock the Rebels
evacuated there that
morning. in the evening
I went around McCllan s
grave yard Where he buryed (buried)
his men that was

PAGE IMAGEkilled in the battl (battle) of
June 31st.

27th our Cavaly (cavalry)
captured Gen Lee s is Son
and 150 Priseners (prisoners) and his
Wagon train

July 1st Started
towards Richmond marched
12 miles Passed through Lanesville
& King Wm Court House
camped about mile beyond
the Co House in a Wheat

2nd day marched 15
miles camp this Side New Castle

3 day marched 20
miles camped about 5 miles
this Side of Hanover Court House ,

4th day marched to
Hanover camped in the
battle field of the [... gap ...]

PAGE IMAGE 4th at night Gen Foster 's
Brigade had a Skirmish
with the Rebs while cuting (cutting)
off comunications (communications) between
Leee & Richmend (Richmond) , after [ taring ] tearing
up Rail Road & destroying
Severel (several)   [ Brides ] bridges .

morning of
the 5th we Started back
that night we camped
on Taylor s farm

6th we
marched 26 miles and on
the 7 we arrived at White

8th we Started again
marched 10 miles camped
3 miles from New Kent
Court House

9th Started
again marched 10 miles
camped 1 mile from

PAGE IMAGE Williamsburg

10th Started
passed through Williamsburg
and marched to Yorktown

11th We rested at Yorktown

12th We started again and
marched to Big Bethell
camped that night on the
Battle field of McCllan s

13th We marched to Hamton (Hampton)
arrived there about 10 oclock
and [at] 7 oclock got on board
fo (for) a Transport and arived (arrived)
at Pourtsmouth (Portsmouth) at 9 oclock
and we Started for camp
arrived at 1 oclock at night
thous (thus) ended our Peninsula
marche (march)

July 29th We had
orders to move again we

PAGE IMAGEStarted from camp at 10 oclock
arrived at Pourtsmouth (Portsmouth) at 12
We layed in the Streets
there for two days on
account there was no
Transports to take us off

31st got on board Steamer
Georgeanie and Started off
for Some part of Dixie
unknown to us, but we
Stoped (stopped) at Fort Monroe and
got orders to report to
Gen Gillmore on [Mom's] Island,
arrived there

aug 2nd Laid that night out
Side of the bar We had
good view of Charleston
Fort Sumpter [ Moultre ] Moultrie

PAGE IMAGEand Castle Pickney

Landed on Folly Island

16th I went on Picket on
Morris Island

17, 18 & 19
Gillmore began to bombard
Fort Sumpter our Brigade
was in advance.

Sept 7st
Fort Wagner & [ Battry ] Battery Gregg
Surrenderd (surrendered) to Gen Gillmore

Sept 28 reviewed by
Gen Gillmore ,

Oct 17th
Co B and [K] moved
to [Pawnee] Landing to
do guard duty,

Nov 17th
Co B & [K] moved back
to the Regment (Regiment) ,

3rd Bombardment of
Fort Sumpter ,

PAGE IMAGE Dec 25  Christmass (Christmas) Iron Side
Shelled Charleston city . Sot (Set)
it a fire (afire) in Severel (several) places
The Same morning the
Rebels tryed (tried) to capture
our Pickets on Cole Island.
But were not Successfull (successful)
driven back with quite a
loss in men and horese (horses)
and artillery. Jan 1st
all quiet on Folly Island

21st Reviewed by Gen Gorden .

28th Paid off,

Feb 5th Reviewed by Gen Terry .

Sunday Feb 6th
orders came to have three
days cooked rations and
ready to march at

PAGE IMAGESeven oclock that
Evening. We were ready
in time. and Started
when the 112 and the
169th N Y and General Chares
Brigade joined
us. We march down
to Stone Inlett. there
we took transports
and crossed over on
to Cole Island marched
all night and at
day break we crossed
over on to [Kiowa] Island
marched until 9 oclock
when we got on to a
Plantation and stoped (stopped)
to take Breakfast and
PAGE IMAGErested untill (until) ten oclock
in the night. When we
took up line of march
got down to the South.
End [Kiowa] Island we
waded cross a River on
to Sea brook Island
and then we took
a Northley (northerly) direction and
marched untill (until) about
8 oclock in the morning

the 9th. We went
cross on to John Island
when we came in [ conta ] contact
with a party of Rebels.
We formed a line
of Skirmishes. When
the Rebs charged

PAGE IMAGEon us and we had quite
a lively time of it for
a few minuts (minutes) . We
killed a Rebel Captain
and wounded [ Severel ] several
and took four or five
Prisoners. In the Evening
the Regment (Regiment) went out
on Picket and were
[ actacted ] attacked by the Rebels
Pickets. we drove them
in takeing (taking) one Lieutent (Lieutenant)
and two Privates Prisoner
[... gap ...] .

the 10th We were drawn
up in line of Battle
expecting an ingagement (engagement)
and we [throwed] up a
line of Breast works.

PAGE IMAGEat three oclock they
opend (opened) on us with a
Battery. one of our
[ Battry ] Battery was ordered out
and our Regment (Regiment) went
to Support it and we
Soon Silenced theires (theirs) .

11th We advanced our
lines drove in the Rebel
Picket and [ hd ] had a [Skirmish]
with them on J R Leagues
is Plantations. the [ Rebes ] Rebs
came down in force
and we fell back on rifle [pits]

12th at midnight our forces
began withdraw from
Johns Island and Started
for camp. at 3 oclock

PAGE IMAGEin the morning our
rear guard left John [Island]
destroying buildings and
Bridiges (bridges) and every thing
behind them. marched
all night and walked
a River waist deep Stoped (Stopped)
on Van Drauss is Plantation
to eat Breakfast. Started
for camp on Foll Island
arrived there at [1] oclock

the 12th which made a
march of twenty five
in twelve hours. the
Same night the Rebels
[ actacted ] attacked our Pickets on
Morris Island.

new recruits came to

PAGE IMAGEthe Regiment.

17th General

22nd  Newes (News) came
that Gen Gillmore was
defeated in [Florida] .

five thousand men went
to reenforce him from
this Island. and Co A &
B went over on to Long Island
to relieve the 112th N Y
and 13th [Ind] .

  [ Sundy ] Sunday
28  moveing (moving) the tents
over. I went down got
[1 Div] photograph taken.

mustered in for pay.

March. 7th more recruits for
the Regiment.

9th Sat up
all night in the Hospital
with David Jones . died at

PAGE IMAGEeight oclock the next

11th went to his
[ fuarell ] funeral .

12th got a pass
to go over on to Long Island
and made the [arand]
rounds with Liut  Pease .

13th took the boat and
went out for pleasure
ride. and around to
take a view of the
Rebels Fortications (fortifications) on
James Island. at midnight
went out with the
Pickets boat Scouting.

14th returned back to
camp april 13th received
orders to be ready to
move at a moment notice

PAGE IMAGE 14th orders for three days
cooked raitions (rations) .

Payed off.

19th Left camp
and embarked at
Pawnee Landing at Six
oclock A M. arrived
at Hilton Head at one
oclock P.M.

20 disembarked
and got on board of
the Black [Stone] .

Left Hilton Head, arrivd (arrived)
at Fort Monroe at 6
oclock in the morning

24th. at 10 oclock
Started for Glouster Point Va (Virginia) .
arrived at
Glouster at two oclock

PAGE IMAGE april 30th received orders
to move to West Point
Va (Virginia) embarked on the
Steamer Clumbia (Columbia)
arrived at West Point

May 1st at 1 oclock P M.

4th Orders to report to
Fort Munroe (Monroe) . Started
from West Point at
midnight arrived
at Fort Monre (Monroe) at
noon Ordered up the
James  River passed Newport
[newes] at 1 oclock
passed Jamestown at
5 oclock A M arrived
at Harrisens (Harrison's) Landing
at seven oclock P M.

PAGE IMAGEat City Point at midnight
th the 6th.

6th marched
5 miles towards Fort Darling

7th Started for
Peterbro (Peterboro) . arrived nearby
the Peterbro (Peterboro) & Richmond
Railroad had a fight
Captured the Railrod (railroad) .

8 retreated back

[ advancded ] advanced arrived
at [Clover] Hill [ Junctn ] Junction
at 10 oclock P M.
[tore] up the railrod (railroad)
in the afternoon we
had a battle at
Swift Creek

marched up to the
front [drawn] [up]

PAGE IMAGEin line battle but
we retreated back
arrived in camp
at dark. Gen Terry
had an engagment (engagement)
at Clover Hill. Junction

11th arrived in camp.

12th Orders to move
to the front. in
the afternoon our
Brigade had an
enggaement (engagement) two
miles from Fort Darling .

13th advanced
drawn up in line
of Battle had a
Skirmish at [Brocted]
[Creek] . 117th loss 4

PAGE IMAGEmen E Williams killed
S Putny and Sergt Jones
of Co B & Moss
of Co [I] .

14 hold the
Same position and
heavy Skirmishing.
advanced drove the
Enemy from two
line (lines) of Fortifications
heavy Skirmishing
all day.

15th Laid
behinde (behind) Breastworks.
3 Company Skirmishing

16th Rebels acctacted (attacked)
us in force [Drury] [S]  
Bluff Va (Virginia)
89 men.

17th I tended
the wounded, and

PAGE IMAGEhelp bury Liut  Cassalmand
and W M Davis
& J Arneutt &
Menniger .

18th Ordered
out under [arms]
marched to the
Rifle Pits.

19th got
up at three oclock
and marched to the
Rifle Pits. at three
a.m. went out on
Pickett (picket) .

20th I went
down to Bermuda Landing.
a mail and th (the)
Sad newes (news) of the
Death of my friend
Saml L Terry

PAGE IMAGE 24th Rebels atacted (attacked) our
breast works repulsed
with a heavy loss
Rebel Brigadie  Walker
taken [ Prisone ] prisoner

28th received orders to
move took up line
march at 6 oclock
in the Evening crossed
the apamax Rive (Appomattox River)
arrived at City Point
at one oclock the
Same night.

embarked on the
Steamer Detroit

30th arrived at West Point
laid in the
River at ancor (anchor) .

PAGE IMAGE 31st arrived at White House Landing.

June 1st
camped and

the 2nd
two thousand wounded
arrived from Grant s army
I helped to Carry them
on the Steamer Connicutt (Connecticut) ,
Six Hundred Rebel
prisoner (prisoners) arrived to
the White House
[ capturd ] captured by Baldy Smith

3rd received
orders to go to the front
Started at one oclock
arrived there at 12
oclock the Same night.

4th drawn up in line
battle heavy Skirmishing

PAGE IMAGEalong the lines.
Liut  J H Dawn killed
by a Sharpshooter.

remain in the Same
position and entrenching
ourselfs (ourselves)   actacted (attacked)
by the Rebels they
were repulsed.

Laid in our trenches
3 oclock Rebels Sent
out a flag of truce
to bury their dead.
at dark we were
releived (relieved) by the [13th]

Sunday 7 went in camp
at dark ordered out
to the front line
of Breast works [... gap ...]

PAGE IMAGEthere all day

releived (relieved) went to

9 I went down
to the 2nd [ artiltry ] artillery

in camp

11th went to
the front Stayed there
untill (until)

the 13th received
Orders to move Started
at 11 oclock at night
marched to the White House
[11] mile arrived
in the morning of

th the 14
embarked on the
Steamer [U.S.M] and
arrived at th (the)   Bermuda Hundred
at dark.

moved the front towards
Petersburg Skirmishing

PAGE IMAGEall along the lines
afternoon drawn up
in line of battle Co
D and [M] went out
Skirmishing charged
on the Rebel [work]
and taken them
with tw (two) Hundred
Priseners (prisoners)
and five pieces of artillery

16th We laid behind
Breast works untill (until)
Evening We advanced and
drove the Rebels back.

17th We laid in the Breast
Works two companys (companies)
and Skirmishing Capt
J T Stone
killed by

PAGE IMAGEa Rebel Sharp Shooter.
at 9 oclock we got orders
to go back accross (across) the
[ Appomax ] Appomattox   River arrived
[at] in camp at 1/2
past [two] [A] M. Rebel
atacced (attacked) the 2nd [corps]
and they had regular
ingagment (engagement) .

18 very
heavy [commanding]
in [front] Petersburg .

19th We moved out to
the [front] and joined
the 10 corps again stayed
there until

[ 21st ] when
we received Orders
to move. I went
to the 10 corps Hospital

PAGE IMAGE Prisedent  Lincen and
Gen Buttler and rode along
the lines visiting the troops.

29  Gen Buttle visited the

30 mustered for

July 1 [Rutrement]
[to] the Regiment in
the front of Petersburg

9 was [retrived] from
the front pits

laid as reserve in the
Evening went out to
the front pits

Remained in the

12 Orders to go to
the 2nd line

13th moved
to front pits

14  remaned (remained)
in the front pits

PAGE IMAGE 15th Relieved and went
back to the 2nd line

16th Relieved by the [ colerd ] colored
troops and to the rear

17th Remained there

Orders to go in the
front pits.

19th Rained
all day and very
windy and disagreable (disagreeable)
in the trenches.

[ Retreved ] Retrieved from the
front pits

21st Laid
in Reserve.

22 Ordered
to the front line

23rd occupied the Same
position in the afternoon
heavy cannonading

24th Relieved from

PAGE IMAGEthe front pits Rained
all night tent blew
down and we got wet

25 Went into camp
fixing up.

26 Stayed in
camp wrote a letter
[ afeternoon ] afternoon had Dress
[ pirade ] parade .

27 Stayed in
camp wrote a letter
home for five [Dolles]
afternoon Dress [ pirade ] parade

28th Orders to go to the
front pits.

29th  Remaned (Remained)
in the Same pits

Remained in the Same
untill (until) midnight when
we were relieved by
the 2nd corps, and

We were ordered down to
the 5th corps. and Laid
in the woods marked
untill (until) daylight

31st a
Rebel Fort was blown
up and we had a
Battle. 5th and 9th corps  orderd (ordered)
to charge and Our [Divisn]
We were Successfull (successful) in
taking there (their) works
when they charged on
the collored (colored) troops and
they [ brok ] broke and run
and we got defeated
4 oclock in the [ afetnoon ] afternoon
we wer (were)   Relievd (relieved) from
the Battle field
and orderd (ordered) back

PAGE IMAGEto our old position
Laid there all night

Aug 1st We receivd (received) orders
to report to Bermuda Hundred
and we [ Startd ] started
at daylight arrived
there at dark

2nd went
into camp. I went to
the Hospital at Point of Rocks.
Remained there
untill (until)   the 12th.

nothing transpired.

all the Regiment out
on Picket being the
rest of the corps went
cross the [James]   River
Corp Salsbery taken
prisoner whil (while) on picket

15th on picket.

16th [reported]
in camp that we gained
a Victory accross (across) the James  River
and of Faraugut
is Victory.

17th Rained Ed McElwaine
taken prisoner
on Picket and William B Wright
killed by
Lightning While on picket

18th. nothing unusal (unusual)
taken place.

19th very
heavy fireing (firing) towards
Petersburg .

20th rained
Our new Chaplain came
to the Regiment and
Mr E H Roberts with
him to visit the

PAGE IMAGESunday 21st fighting
in the direction of
Petersburg . the Regiment
returned back to
camp. Evening orders
for one day cooked
rations and to be
ready to march at a
moment notice took
up line of march at
12 oclock at night
Went down to the
[ Apamattox ] Appomattox and returned
to camp in the morning

22nd nothing transpired
[unusual] .

23 I went
down to 10 corps Hospital
for a visit

PAGE IMAGE 24th all quiet.

received orders for
three days rations and
to be ready to move
at a moments notice
Dark went up to the
front to the Breast

26th at day
light the Rebels [ actacd ] attacked
our pickets and drove
them in [surrounding]
Capt Enitiss and
Private E Evens of [G]  
Co. and captured [17]
prisoners We charged
on them and drove
them back. remaind (remained)
in the fite (fight)   untill (until)

PAGE IMAGEthe morning of the
27th when w (we) took up
the line of march
for Petersburg arrived
there at 10 oclock at

28th Laid in the
trenches Private McCarther
Got killed by a Shell.

29th Laid in the trenches
Corp Miller and Bomhan Sherman

Laid in the Same
position nothing of
account transpired

Laid in the Same place
at dark rilieved (relieved)
Serg Brown   woundd (wounded)

PAGE IMAGE Sept 1st to the 3rd
Laid in the ravine

[ 3rd ] I exchanged papers.
With the Johnies receivd (received)
the news that Atlanta
was taken

4th orders
to go to the trenches
at midnight [ comend ] command
to Shell the city,

5th Laid in the trenches
Charls Jones   [K] Co killed

6th [in] the trenches
releived (relieved) at dark
James Lowell killed
John Rogers wounded

7th Laid Back in the
ravine and

the 8th, 9th  Samson

and Harringten went
to the [ convalescnt ] convalescent
camp. at drark (dark) went
into the trenches.
received the news that
Gen Sherman is forces
was in Atlanta and
one month provision
on hand. Gen Grant
ordered three cheers to
be given all along
the line.

10th I went
down to the convalesent (convalescent)
camp to See
Samson . all quiet along
the lines

12th Went
down to the [ convaselent ] convalescent
camp with rations

13th relieved from the
pits [ Staid ] Stayed   untill (until)

the 15th went into the

16th  Liad (Laid) into
the pits and

the 17th, 18th relieved

resting in the ravine

20th Monthly [inspection]

21st received the dispatch
from Sheridan that
he defeated the Enemy
in the Shanadonah (Shenandoah)   Vally (Valley) ,
and cheeres (cheers) were
given all along the
lines and a Salute
from all the artillary (artillery)

[ 22nd ] the evening we
went into the pits

PAGE IMAGE 22nd Laid in pits all
quiet on the lines.

23rd in the pits David Edwards
came to See
me on his departure
home term of Service

24th relieved from
the pits. and went into
camp in the rear

26 & 27 in the Same

28th at 3 P M
received orders to move
marched untill (until) 2 A M
crossed the James  River
halted untill (until) daylight

[ 29 ]
Orders to cook Breakfast
and to leave our knap (knapsacks) . then we

PAGE IMAGEadvanced and atacted (attacked)
the Enemy, the 18th corps
took the Deep Bottom Road
and the
10 corps on the New [Mankett] Road.
collored (colored) troops first
met the enemy
they charged and
drove them out of
a line of works.
then the [2nd] [ Divisin ] Division
took the advance
and marched up the
N. M Road. came to
a Strong line of
works drove them
out with out (without)   loosing (losing)
a man. advanced Still
farther through a
[ peice ] piece of woods. when
the Rebels had a
line of Battle and
two [ peices ] pieces of [ artillry ] artillery
in an open field
orders for our Brigad (Brigade)
to charge on the
Battery drove them
Back Our Reg lost
heavy. Orders for
our [Divis] to charge
on a fort and a
line of works. We
charged but got
repulsed with a
heavy loss dead and
wounded left on
the field the loss
of our Reg was 14
killed 77 wounded
34 missing. at night
fell back to the
line of works [taken]
in the morning

entrenched ourselfs (ourselves)
the Rebels charged
on our line twice
but got repulsed
each time with
a heavy loss.

Oct 1st to the 6th
nothing account

7th the
Johnie (Johnies)   ataced (attacked) our

right but got [reped]
with heavy loss
and we advanced
about a mile 8
went into camp

9th all quiet 10 all
quiet on the line

11 all quiet on the line

12  Col White arrived here
to receive the votes of
the Reg. at dark
ordered out to the
front expected to
make an atact (attack) But
it rained and we all
returned back to camp

13th Ordered out at
day light the

PAGE IMAGE 1st [Division] and 3rd
advanced and atacted (attacked)
the enemy [2nd]   [Divis]
in reserve. at dark
all returned to

14th cleared up
a place for camp
and moved

Gen inspection.

16 & 17
nothing of account occurd (occurred)
on the line

18th  Sigened (Signed)
the pay Rolls.

19 [nothing]

20th got payed

21st to the 23rd nothing
occured (occurred)

24 Division
review by Gen Foster

25th all quiet along
the line.

26 Orders

for three days rations
and to be ready to
move at a moment
is notice

27th moved
at day light to the
right of the line.
in the afternoon
Charged on a Rebel
Battry (Battery) . got repulsed
Rig lost 50 kill
and wounded. Co B [C]
Same wounded J Pier
H Lilly   N Pannlu
W Mcdonald   Cor
Percival   Read Canary
at night laid in
line of Battle rained
all night

28  returnd (returned)

back to camp I went
down to the Hospital
with the wounded
Boys is [ Kapsack ] knapsack

orders to be ready
at a moment is notice
expecting an atact (attack)

all quiet

31st inspection
and mustered in for

Nov 1st cleaned up

2nd 112th left for
Deep Bottom. to take

3rd fixed up
our tents rained all

4 5 6 & 7 all quiet
on the line

8th election day

9th expecting an
actact (attack)

10th called out

PAGE IMAGEat 3 oclock expecting
an atact (attack)

11th Rebels
[ recoinuity ] reconnoitering on our

12th all quiet

had quite a Snow

14th it rained
and very cold.

15  [ nothy ] nothing
happened all quit (quiet) and

the 16th 17th Rebels
attacted (attacked) our picket lin (line)

18 recaptured the line

19 heavy [ muskty ] musketry
in front of the 18 Corp.

20 rained and
very cold.

21st all quiet

22d Snowed

23rd rained
and very cold

Thanksgivin (Thanksgiving) had


25 went to
See a deserter from
the 3rd US Battry (Battery) Shot
and our thanksgivin (Thanksgiving)
arrived from Washington
from this date nothing
of account occured (occurred) . untill (until)

Dec 6th. We received orders
to be ready to march at
a momment (moments) notice.

7th at
four oclock P M took up line
of march halted for the
night at Point Rocks.

8th took
up the line of march and
marched to Bemuder (Bermuda) Landing
embarked on Transport
Weybosset Sailed to Fort Monroe .
droped (dropped) anchor and

PAGE IMAGEremained there over night

9th raised anchor and went
up to the dock and took
on board rations

10 & 11, 12
Laid at anchor in the
Harbor waiting orders

13th at 3 oclock P M Received
orders to Sail went up
the Potomac  River as
far as Mathias Point.
turned around and went
back ") a blind")

14th Sailed
by Cape Henery

15th off.
Cape [ Hattras ] Hatteras

16th arrived
off Wilmington   droped (dropped) anchor

17, 18, 19, 20 Laid at anchor [waiting]
for orders.

21st Started for
Beaufort NC (North Carolina) for Water,

and Coal. arrived off
Beaufort in the morning

[ 22nd ] but was caught in a
a Storm could not get into
the Harbor night.

Coaled up. I went up to
Corlina (Carolina) City to see my
Brother, and returned the
Same day.

24th My Brother
came to See me. in the
afternoon we Started

arrived off Wilmington
morning of the 25th
received orders to be
ready to land at a minute
notice. Christmas, in the
afternoon landed in
Small Roe (row) boats.

PAGE IMAGEhad a little Skirmish.
142 NY  capured (captured) the Rebel
Flag off Fort Fisher . 117th
capured (captured) 225 prisoners. when
we received orders from
Gen Butler to reembark
about half of the troops
got a board (aboard) when a Storm
Set in and the tide became
So rough could not
embark. I Started out
and the boat upset. I
had [put] back for Shore
had to remain on the
Beach untill (until)

the 27th.
When we embarked all
right and we Started
back to Fort Monroe

PAGE IMAGEthe expedition a failure

28th We Sailed all day
and arrived at Fort Monroe
at midnight.

29th We
Started up the James  R .
with orders to report to
report to our old camp.
droped (dropped) anchor at Wilsons Landing
for the night the
weather very cold and [ Snowd ] snowed

30th. Started again Stoped (stopped)
at Bemuder (Bermuda) Landing and took on
board a Pilot for Jones Landing,
arrived there
about noon disembarked
and reached camp at dark.

31st received a mail musterd (mustered)
in for pay Snowed all day.

PAGE IMAGE Jan 1st 1865. fixed up our
quarters, Snowed.

2nd very
cold man in the 3rd NY
froze to death.

3rd received
orders to move Started at
11 oclock a.m. halted for
the night near [Bermuder]
Snowed nearly all night.

4th took up the line of
march for [Bermuder]
embarked on the Steamer
Georgia, and Started for
Fort Monroe . arrived there
at midnight.

5th we was
transfered (transferred) on board of
the Atlantic

6th we Sailed
from Fort Monroe .

7th we
Sailed around Cape [ Hattras ] Hatteras

was caught in a terrible

8th we arrived off
Beaufort NC (North Carolina) received ordes (orders)
to go 20 miles South East
of there and anchor.

9, 10, 11th
Laid at anchor waiting
orders and for the
fleet to get ready.

the fleet Started and we
received orders to follow
the McClenan.

13th we
arrived off Wilmington
and Landed. worked all
night throwing up
breast works.

14th advanced
throwed up another line
of works fleet Bomb (bombarding)   Fort Fisher

PAGE IMAGESunday 15th  asault (assault) on
Fort Fisher was ordered and
for our Brigade to make
assault. after Seven hours
hard fighting the Fort
Surrendered. Captured twenty
five Hundred prisoners
Seventy five peices (pieces) of
artillery after the [ Surrendr ] surrender
we went to camp.

a magazine exploded in
the Fort. killed and wound
about two Hundred men.
I went over the Battle
field and up to Fort [Fisher]

17th moved camp fixed up
a tent.

18th fixed up and
washed up and put on

PAGE IMAGEa clean Suit.

19th went
fishing and to See the
Rebel Gen Whiteing and
Col Lamb and Servel (several)
other Rebel officers [wounds]

20th I went to the Hospital
to See Some of our [wounded]
boys. raindd (rained) nearly all
day. all quiet on the lines

21st rained all day wrote
two letters.

22 23rd & 24th
I Remained in camp
nothing worth noteing (noting)
occured (occurred) on the lines.

Sergt Wood and I went
up to Fort Fisher and
to the Mound Battery
to See the Armstrong gun

26th fixed up our quarters
and made a fire place
in it.

27th carried the
mail up to the Head
quarters and Some wood
for the fire place.

28 29
Laid in camp nothing
worth noteing (noting)

moved up to [ Battey ] Battery   Buchan (Buchanan)

31st Laid in
camp waiting for
Some lumber to
fix our quarters.

Feb 1st lumber came
and we began to
fix our quarters.

made a fire place
in our tent.


went down to the
Mound Battery after

4th went after
plank for a floor.

5th layed in camp

received a mail went
down to Brigade Hd.qrs (Headquarters)

7th Received a mail went
to Hd [Qurs] rained all
day wrote a letter

8th carried a
mail off wrote a lettr (letter)
Gen Schofield is
corps arrived here
and landed after

9 & 10th carried mail
to Hd. [Qurs]

11th received
orders to have three

PAGE IMAGEdays rations Gen Schofield
atacted (attacked) the Enemy in
our front drove them
about two milis (miles) , and
captured 60 prisoners

12th  Receivd (Received) orders to
march at 5 oclock P M
marched to the dock
and orders countermand
and we returned to

13th layed in
camp under orders to
move at a moments

14 Received orders
to move at 2 oclock
A.M. Marched to the
front halted to cook
Supper, at dark

PAGE IMAGEStarted down the
Beach. and halted at
[Marenbro] Inlet the
expedition a failure
and we returned back
to camp arrived there
4 oclock in the morning
rained nearly all

15th layed in
the woods rained

Received a mail

Received orders to move
Started at 9 oclock at
night marched to
Battery Buchan (Buchanan) and
embarked on the [Steamer]
C W Thomas, and went
over to Smithville

PAGE IMAGE 18th Went to reenforc (reenforce)
Schoffield corps to
the front layed in
the woods all night

19th flanked the Enemy
out of Fort Anderson
They Evacuated it got
ten pieces of artilley
and Servel (several) prisoners
and we occupied the
Same day layed in
the Fort over night.

20th got on board of
Steamer Howard and
went up Cape [Fear] Riv (River)
and landed on the Beach
in Small Boats. took
up line of march

PAGE IMAGEtowards Wilmington
drove the Enemy Servl (several)
miles. [drawn] up in
line of Battle and
halted for the night.

21st marched to
the left of our line. had
a litle (little) Skirmish
at midnight we
marched back. The
Rebels began to retreat
and evacuated Wilmington

22nd followed up their
retreat, arrived in
Wilmington at noon
marched through the
city and went into
camp about an (a) mile

PAGE IMAGEout of the city our
Brigade ordered to [remain]
there untill (until)   futher (further) orders
the rest of the troops
followed the enemy up

23rd layed in camp

went to the city and
went out forrageing (foraging)
for chickens and [... gap ...]
pototatoes (potatoes) ,

25 went to

Sunday 26
Went to curch (church) in
Wilmington [text] 16 chap
and 13 verse of Genesis

27th went down to the
city and Seen [two]
Thousand of our
prisones (prisoners) paroled,


PAGE IMAGEmustered in for pay.

March 1st went down
to the Hospital to See
Billie Williams a paroll (parole)
prisoner wrote a letter
to his Father for him

2nd Received a mail

4th had a game of ball

5th went to meeting

6  Schoffield is corps
took up line march

11th moved camp

Went up to the Rebel
Baracks (barracks) after lumber
to fix quarters

layed in camp

Received orders to
move be ready to

move packet (packed) up
our Blankets and
Sent them to

moved Started
at one oclock P M
Started for [Goldes]
[we] marched [12] miles

16 took up line of
march at 6 oclock A M
marched all day
waded a Stream of
Water and halted
for the night

took up line of
march halted
at noon went into
camp at South Washington

PAGE IMAGE 18  [ tok ] took
up line of march
at noon marched
untill (until) night [halted]

19 took up line of
march at 6 oclock A M
forded a Stream of
Water 3 feet deep
marched through
[Kinardvill] & Mount Hallie
marched 24 miles

20 took up line of
march at 6 A M
marched 22 miles
halted for the nigt (night)

21st took up line
of march at 6 A M
marched 8 miles

PAGE IMAGEforded a creek
reached Sherman Army
halted and
went into camp
near [Neiss]   River

22 layed in camp
Foster & I went out
forageing (foraging) Saw Gen Sherman

23 Remain
in camp. [Seen] 14 17 20
corps on their [to]
[Goldsboro] Saw Gen William Jones

24 Rebels
atacked (attacked) the collored (colored)
troops but were
repulsed & received
orders to march.
[57 6]