Letter written by J. B. Latta from Grandview, Louisa county, Iowa to Capt E. S. Latta Esquire on April 22, 1864

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Letter written by J. B. Latta from Grandview, Louisa county, Iowa, on April 22, 1864, to Capt. E. S. Latta Esquire: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEGrandview Louisa Co Iowa (Grandview, Iowa) (Louisa County, Iowa)
Apr 22nd 1864 Capt E S Latta (Latta, E.S. (Captain))
Dear Sir -

After my compliments
to yourself & the Kansas (Kansas) friends generally
Will say we are all well & the friends in
Iowa (Iowa) so far as heard from. The weather
moderately pleasant now but spring very
backward; wet & muddy; very little grass
for stock to live upon yet. James (James) is
enjoying his usual health. He is visiting
among the friends in general. A great
many of our neighbors have started for
California (California) , Idaho (Idaho) , & Nebraska (Nebraska) viz:
John C Stinton (Stinton, John C.) , Westlake (Westlake) , Wm Davis (Davis, William) , & many
others for Idaho (Idaho) . And Hugh Roddam (Roddam, Hugh) , Wm
Musser (Musser, William) , Geo Walker (Waler, George) , Jo Clark (Clark, Jo) & Daughters
& many others for California (California) . And John
Pelton (Pelton, John) , Mr Snyder (Snyder (Mr.)) & others for Nevada (Nevada) .
Fall Wheat looks to be very nearly if
not entirely killed here by the winter

PAGE IMAGE I saw Levi Huff (Huff, Levi) to day and he
says he wishes you would [lat-?]
your Pony away. He says he has
not got feed to spare to feed her &
feed is very scarce a very high &
getting higher. Hay is selling in
the stack at from $12.50 to $15.00 per
You and cannot be had for
that Corn fifty & sixty cents per bundle
I wrote you once before about buying
her but do not remember what you said
about it. I will give you Fifty five
dollars in green backs for her which is
more than she is worth, but Marcellus (Marcellus)
wants some kind of a cheap horse
to work by the side of his pony & I thought
I would give you that in order to please
him. She is now loosing all her best
years & will soon be on the decline
as she must be seven years old at least
and very small & very ugly. Brother
James (James) says you can buy better Ponies
in Kansas (Kansas) for fifteen ($15) dollars.
PAGE IMAGE Levi (Levi) says he does not want her at
any price. If you see propper (proper) to take
that price ($55.00) for her I will send you
a draft for the green backs just as
soon as you let me know or I will
pay it to Levi (Levi) before I take the mare
away & he can send you the draft or
money. If I take her at all I
must know immediately as Marcellus (Marcellus)
needs another Pony & I have several
chances & will buy soon.
Co K (Company K) of the 8th Reg. Iowa Vol. Inty (8th Regiment, Iowa Infantry) are
at home on Furlough, (all Vetrans) have
reenlisted for the war. We gave them
a big free supper at Jackson Hotel
last night. they had a good time
generally; with the girls particularly.
A few days ago the soldiers of Co K (Company K)
took old A K Steward (Steward, A.K.) & F A Stump (Stump, F.A.)
(of Copperhead notoriety) before Esquire
Huff (Huff (Esquire)) & made them take the oath of Alliegence (allegiance)
in the regular military form & style.
Let me know about that mare immediately.

Yours Truly J B Latta (Latta, J.B.)

PAGE IMAGE Ann Beck (Beck, Ann) has got another heir (a
son) calls it Achison Martin (Martin, Achison) . I
suppose you heard that Ach Martin (Martin, Achison)
& Johny Huffman (Huffman, Johny) joined the 9th Cavalry (9th Regiment, Cavalry)
and both died of small Pox at St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri) .
Since Buster (Buster) , Peter Anderson (Anderson, Peter) , Louis Young (Young, Louis)
& several others joined the 9th cavalry (9th Regiment, Cavalry) .
M P Higbie (Higbie, M.P.) , Geo Rathman (Rathman, George) , Jo Benson (Benson, Jo) ,
Geo Rexrode (Rexrode, George) & Big  Jim Cawgill (Cawgill, Jim) (or
Judis Priest (Priest, Judis) as they always called him)
all joind (joined) the 9th Infty (9th Regiment, Infantry) & are now
at Brownsvill (Brownsville)  Texas (Brownsville, Texas) . Robt Beck (Beck, Robert) , [August?]
Udish (Udish, [August?]) & others have joined the 8th Infty (8th Regiment, Iowa Infantry)
Sam Snyder (Snyder, Sam) & others the 11th (11th Regiment) & other Regiments.

Very Respectfly (Respectfully) J B Latta (Latta, J.B.)
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