Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his brother Gustavus, from Headquarters 97th Camp near Sharpsburg, Maryland, September 27, 1862

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Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his uncle Gustavus Palmer, 101st Regiment, from Headquarters 97th Camp near Sharpsburg, Maryland, September 27, 1862

PAGE IMAGE Yesterday, being at
work upon al-
most two days,
some of them have been
yet sent on.
A very excellent letter
by Polly Hopkins (Hopkins, Polly) , was
published in the Uti-
ca (Utica) (Utica, New York) Telegraph of the 24th
inst. Perhaps you have
seen it, if not, get the
paper if you can.
I rec'd a
letter from
Joe (Joe) today,
saying that
he & Capt.
Brindle (Brindle (Captain))
had rec'd
their discharge
He was going
to start for
New-York (New York) (New York) to-
I found your
valise in the
wagon today, with
the contents all safe, but

Headquarters 97th (97th Regiment, New York Infantry) Camp
Near Sharpsburg, Md. (Maryland) (Sharpsburg, Maryland)
Sept. 27th, 1862. Dear Gustavus (Palmer, Gustavus M. (Captain)) ,

I have just been writing
a letter to Joe (Joe) , & now I will write again
to you, as I had note time to write much
in my last letter, before the mail went
out.- Instead of Fred. Hooper (Hooper, Frederick) , it was Fred. Wolf (Wolf, Frederick)
that was missing after the last battle,
& it is believed (from description given by
an artillery man) that he was run over
by an artillery wagon & killed. Our Reg.
fought most nobly, losing 95 men in
killed & wounded, out of 203 engaged.
They were in that memorable cornfield,
where the fighting was so desperate (the
field being taken & retaken four times,
& at the close of the action being literal-
ly covered with the dead. On my way
here, I came over the same field, which

PAGE IMAGE Still bare striking evidences of the sanguin-
ary contest. Here & there many dead hor-
ses were to be seen, & long trenches &
numerous graves, where the rebel dead
had been buried (extending over a large space
of ground.) Scarcely a stalk of corn was
left standing, all being cut down by the
“iron nail”.- Sherman (Sherman, William T. (General)) was squatting down
in the act of priming, when hit by a solid
shot, which nearly severed both legs at
the knees, & took of (off) his right hand at
the wrist, the same shot killing Dick Handley (Handley, Dick)
instantly, going completely through
his body. Sherman (Sherman, William T. (General)) 's blood, flesh & pieces of
bones flew all over & in the faces of the
boys who were next to him. He asked for
a drink of water, & then begged Alek (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) . To
cut his through, he was in such agony.
About this time they were obliged to fall
back, being relieved by fresh troops, but
Alek (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) . Remained with him a few moments,
straightening out his legs (at his own request)
PAGE IMAGE & making him as comfortable as possible.
He talked the same as ever, saying that
he knew he could not live but a short
time. He must have bled to death shortly after.
Roberts (Roberts) was killed instantly, by a ball in
the forehead. Knight (Knight) was mortally
wounded, & died in a Hospital near the
battle-field, on Monday, the 22d. He sent a
small package, containing letters, daguerreotype
&c, to Alek. (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) , which I now have, & will send
to his Father as soon as possible.

Hayden (Hayden) was dangerously wounded, & it
was thought he would not live, but
he is still alive.

McChristol (McChristol) , Jennings (Jennings) ,
Williams (Williams) , Huguine (Huguine) & Ed. Palmer (Palmer, Ed.) were
also wounded. Dave Cuff (Cuff, David) ran back,
soon after the fight commenced, pre-
tending to be wounded in the hand, but
he has since been seen at a hospital
uninjured, helping take care of the wounded.
He, Phillips (Phillips) , Fry (Fry) & Stockerman (Stockerman) are
The valise itself is very badly damaged, having been run over by one of the
wagons. You will need another satchel.- Will Wright (Wright, Will) is so sick today,

PAGE IMAGE Reported absent without leave. Wan (Wan) &
Wright Farnsworth (Farnsworth, Wright) , Luger (Luger) & Dick Yates (Yates, Dick)
are reported “missing in battle.” (Bull Run (Bull Run, Virginia) .).
Yates (Yates, Dick) was taken prisoner & paroled at the
same time as Cerassinan (Cerassinan) & Sam Resseguie (Resseguie, Sam) .

Crandall (Crandall) , Decker (Decker) , the three Gallagher (Gallgher) s,
Smith (Smith) & Walba (Walba) are reported deserted.

In the “Monthly return”, which I
made out yesterday, I reported only 23
present, including myself;-15 for duty, 6 sick,
Aleck (Alexander, George (Lieutenant)) , Kirley (Kirley) , Wright (Wright) , Douglass (Douglass) , J. C. Bleary (Bleary, J.C.) , & Seadman (Seadman) ,
but they will be all right in a few days I
presume.- Cornelius Place (Place, Cornelius) , & Dave Yates (Yates, David)
are still driving team. So you see there
is hardly a “Corporal's Guard”, of our Co.
left.- All the Co.s are now consolidated
into four-: Co.s A & B (Company A.) (Company B.),- commanded by
Serg't Alek Jillson (Jillson, Alek (Sergeant)) ; Co.s D, F, & I (Company D.) (Company D) (Company F.), by Capt. Eggleston (Eggleston (Captain))
; Co.s C & H (Company C.) (Company H.) by Lieut. Hall (Hall (Lieutenant)) ; & Co.s E, K & G (Company E.) (Company K.) (Company G.),
by Lieut. Rockwell (Rockwell (Lieutenant)) . We had the
first Dress Parade since leaving Hall's  Hill (Hall's Hill) ,
on Friday last. The line was very
short;- there was no “beating down & back,”
for the lack of musicians; Capt. Eggleston (Eggleston (Captain))
had command, & “Polly” acted as Adj't.,
& but four officers advanced to the front,
at the command “to the rear, open order,
march.”- From witnessing this Dress Parade,
one could best realize the great altera-
tions which the Reg. has undergone.-
Give my love to all the folks, write soon &
tell Mother (Cady, Daniel (Mrs., Fidelia W. Palmer)) I am waiting for a letter from her.
that he will have to be sent to some Hospital.- Our mess runs well now. Johnny King (King, Johnny)
“& Shedd (Shedd) ” do the cooking. We have Capt. Manchester (Manchester (Captain)) s ambulance for a mess wagon.-

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