Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his mother from Camped in the field near Kennesaw mountain, July 2, 1864

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Letter written by Henry Welch, corporal in the 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his mother, Phebe Welch, from Camped in the field near Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia, July 2, 1864: a machine readable transcription


NASHVILLETEN (Tennessee) (Nashville, Tennessee)
JUL 14 64

Mrs Phebe Welch (Welch, Luther (Mrs., Phebe))
North Hebron
Washington Co.
N.Y. (New York) (North Hebron, Washington County, New York)

PAGE IMAGECamped in the field
near Kenesaw (Kennesaw)  mountain (Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia)
Georgia (Georgia) July 2nd -64 My Dear Mother (Welch, Luther (Mrs., Phebe))

that you will be glad to
hear from me, I will write
a short letter to you this
morning. I am all sound
this far and in fine
health. I have received a letter
from John (John) , I was very
sorry to hear that you were
sick but very very glad to
hear that you were getting
better. be very careful as you
get well and not go to doing
work to (too) soon, do not worry
about me, I shall alway's
be in my place, but I shall
never needlessly expose myself

PAGE IMAGE I shall do nothing rashly
but when and where duty
calls me I shall alway's
be ready to go we are now
behind breastworks, the rebs
are in our front we can
see them plain, they are
fortifying their position.
they send a bulet (bullet) over us
once in a while. yesterday Philo (Philo)
sat on a box cleaning his gun
a bulet (bullet) came over and passed
through his pants just
missing his thigh and
into the ground, it did not
draw blood, but it was a close
call though he is in good health
and feeling firstrate. the
wether (weather) is very hot here now
it is awful. Mother (Welch, Luther (Mrs., Phebe)) we have
got a very good Chaplain with
us now. we all like him much.
we have meeting's nearly
PAGE IMAGE every evening that we
lay still, they are attended
by many and seem to be
interesting to all. it would
be a scene well worth looking
at for our friends away up
north to see us sitting
together in the moonlight
listening to our Chaplain and
hear the firing of our pickets
some forty rods distance only
from us, we are all confident
that this summer will
end the war, our army is
in good condition and we are
under as good a General as
this army affords, he has
shown more Generalship than
Grant (Grant, Ulysses S. (General)) has I think. but I must
bring my letter to a close hoping
and trusting that God may
spare us to meet once more
in that dear old home
PAGE IMAGE where I have spent so
many happy day's. please
write as soon as you get
able. I send my love to
all. Good by for this time

from your absent
and affectionate
Son Henry (Welch, Henry)
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