Letter written by Joseph Little from encamped at Lowsville, Kentucky to his mother on June 23

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Letter written by Joseph Little from encamped at Louisville, Kentucky, on June 23, to his mother: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEEncamped at Louisville Ky. (Kentucky) (Louisville, Kentucky)
Thursday Morning June the 23 Dear Mother (Little (Mrs.)) :

we are at preasent (present)
enjoying ourselves. or at least trying
to do so. as we have to stay in the
Army. [not onight?] I went to the
theater. which by the way was so
crowded that it was imposible (impossible) to
secure a seat. the hidden hand was
played by Miss Kitty Blanchard (Blanchard, Kitty) .
the orders are that no soldier is allowed
in the city after 11 o clock, but we
pay no attention to this. we generaly (generally)
contrive to go in squads of twenty
or more. so as to resist the patrol (patroll)
Guards, if nessiserry (necessary), beteen (between)  heerre (here) and
Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) the Guards are stationed on
a Bridge, Over a creek which name of
Said Creek I have forgaten (forgotten). the Generals
have orders not to let person across
without a pass. so as they cannot
help this, they Show us [every?] to

PAGE IMAGE to pass over, which is up the creek,
the soldiers are takeing (taking) french leave
every day. four belonging to our
company have went home lately
furloughs was given out yesterday
we drew for them so as to give
each one a fair chance. George
Ray (Ray, George) , Andrew Douglass (Douglass, Andrew) and George
[Macdinnels?] ([Macdinnels?], George) Drew the prizes. I think
we will all have a chance to see
our homes before long, and I think
furloughs will be given out as soon
as those who are at home returns.
Colonel Perry (Perry (Colonel)) received his commission.
last week before leaveing he made
us a short speech telling us that
we had allways (always) done our Duty. he
said as the war was near over he was
going to go home and take care of
his family (family). he then said he would
release (realease) all of the prisoners who
were then in [General's?] house. after
this we gave him three [rousing?]
PAGE IMAGE cheers and Dispersed for our
quarters. Or that forbiden (forbidden)  plaice (place), called
Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky) , we regretted to have him
leave us, as he has allways (always) stood
up for us when nessisary (necessary)  captain
Cornell (Cornell (Captain)) has at preasent (present) command
of the Regiment in absence of Major
Taylor (Taylor (Major)) . we have at preasent (present) very
little Duty to do, and still I am
not as well sattisfyed (satisfied) as I was
when I was at AtlantaGa. (Georgia) (Atlanta, Georgia) [pegging?]
away at the Johnies, and occaisonly (occasionally)
haveing (having) them to Charg (charge) on us to
see them break and [lite?] [Reve-?]
with a flea in their ears. (next
Morning the 22and of July at vicksburg (Vicksburg, Mississippi) )
O [Grackey?] wasent (wasn't) that fun, I dont
believe I will be of any use heareafter
except to soldier at preasent (present) I would
like to [home?] for on month and then
gain some commands out on the
frontier, where we would occasionaly (occasionally) have
a brush with the indians
PAGE IMAGE and raise an excitement.
Orders are at Division headquarters
for us to be ready. by Monday to
leave for Little Rock  Arkansas (Little Rock, Arkansas) So
says the Reliable gentelman (gentleman) whom I
supposed Dead until lately

Direct to Louisville Flag (Louisville, Kentucky)
if we should leave On next Monday I
will write and let you know

Joseph Little (Little, Joseph)

Arkansas (Arkansas) is a very good plaice (place) for
[Gallonnippers?] Rattle Snakes and
Muskeetoes (mosquitoes).

O dont you rember (remember)  John A Logan (Logan, John A.) and the 15 Army Corps (15th Army Corps)
Second Division

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