Letter written by Ezra Perry from Vicksburg, Mississippi to his cousin Mary on January 25, 1865 -- Correspondence

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Letter written by Ezra Perry from Vicksburg, Mississippi to his cousin Mary Ashley on January 25, 1865: a machine readable transcription


?SBURG (Vicksburg)MISS. (Mississippi) (Vicksburg, Mississippi)
JAN 26

Miss Mary Ashley (Ashley, Mary)
Tompkins Co.
N.Y. (New York) (Speedsville, New York) (Tompkins County, New York)


Answered Feb 21st/65

PAGE IMAGEVicksburgMiss (Mississippi) (Vicksburg, Mississippi)
Jan. 25th 1865 Dear Cousin Mary (Mary (Cousin)) :

Having a
little spare time I dont know as I can improve
it better than by writing to you so here
goes; Well to begin with we have moved camp
since I wrote to you and ar (are) now encamped at
VicksburgĀ  Mississippi (Vicksburg, Mississippi) about four hundred
miles south of Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee) ; We have got the best
camp we have had since we have been in the
service, good houses for our selves and stables
for our horses; And we expect to stay here this
summer, and if you would be so kind condescending
and obligeing (obliging) as to send me some morning
glory seeds. I will send you the first flower that
I see down here to pay for them and be verry (very)
thankfull (thankful) in the bargin (bargain); As to sending you
my girls [p-hi--?] I cant do it no way in the world
as I have but one of them and she is mad just now

PAGE IMAGE so you see it wont do to ask her for another
just at presant (present); At least I think she is mad
for I have not heard from her this year! Did
Aunt [Mar?] (Mary (Aunt)) get the letter I wrote her
this time; Tell Aunt Mary (Mary (Aunt)) that I
will write to her as soon as I have time
after I pay my dets (debts); I owe Smith King (King, Smith)
a letter and one to Emma (Emma) & Rosie (Rosie) and
then I am square with the world; But I
cant think of any thing to write so I guess I
will stop trying; Give my love to all my
friends Mary [Seganon?] ([Seganon?], Mary) in particular; Write
soon, sooner, soonest, to your true friend and
Well Wisher, and loveing (loving) cousin

Ezra H. Perry (Perry, Ezra H.) Co. I 4th Mo cav. Vols (4th Mo Cavalry Volunteers)
Miss. (Mississippi) (Vicksburg, Mississippi) To Miss M. Ashley (Ashley, Mary) .
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