Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove to his sister on March 21, 1863

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Letter written by Seth H. Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, to his sister on March 21, 1863: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth Grove (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island) Mar 21
Dear Sister

I was a looking for
a letter two night (tonight) from you but I
did not get one the mail has just
come in but I guess it will come
[sheuer? "sure"?] to morrow as you have wrote
a few lines in Sea [Jama?] letter I think
that I will do like wise perhaps you
have not got my letter but I think
that you have and did not get it untill (until)
the very last of the week and have not
had a chance to put it into the office
I am getting along wisely have not
got farly (fairly) over my Journy (journey) yet I have
got a bad cold I am glad to hear that
the boys are getting those discharges
I have most forgot [hough? "who"?] it was
for I have lost the letter but
Mel Burse (Burse, Mel) is one of them and Albert (Elles, Albert)

[Written in margins:] The following is written sideways in the top margin of page 1.

Give my love
to all I think
it is all up about
me Coming home
[Hu?] and perhaps
it is all for the best
I am as well
Countented (contented)
as you Could
exspect (expect) you
know that I
never liked
a master to say
you go hear (here) and
you go thare (there)
and you [cant?]
do his and
that Seth (Alden, Seth H.)

PAGE IMAGE Elles (Elles, Albert) a nother Seulhess (soldiers) has had
a good time I suppose and I
have not heard from him we
parted and [??] what you have wrote
I am glad to hear (hear) that you are all
well and have got snmthing (something) too
do Carroll (Carroll) wrote that that money
was plenty and I exspect (expect) that
wages are good be they doing good
buisness (business) with the [Fadey?] I have
not heard mutch (much) about that since
I came out it is 8 months today
since I Enlisted I have [e?] got
four months pay in my packet
and when I shall get eny (any) more
I have got three twenty dollar
bills and I have been thinking
about sending some of it home
in a letter most all the boys have
got two or three letters since we have
been hear (here) I will give you my post
offic (office)  adres (address)  Mr Seth H Alden (Alden, Seth H.) U.S.A
Gen Hospital Portsmouth GroveRI (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)

your [b?] Seth H Alden (Alden, Seth H.)
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