Letter written by George Stone from Camp Cameron to his parents on September 14, 1862

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Letter written by George Stone from Camp Cameron, District of Columbia, on September 14, 1862, to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Stone, of Vienna, New York: a machine readable transcription


WASHINGTOND. C. (District of Columbia) (Washington, District of Columbia)
[date unclear]

[written in margins: Camp CameronD. C. (District of Columbia) (Camp Cameron, Georgetown, District of Columbia)
Sept 14/62]

Mr. Mark H Stone (Stone, Mark H.)
ViennaOneida Co.
N.Y. (New York) (Vienna, Oneida County, New York)

PAGE IMAGECamp CameronSept. 14th. 1862Camp Cameron, Georgetown, District of Columbia
Dear Parents (Stone, Mark H.) (Stone, Mark H. (Mrs.)) :

It is now evening
and they are holding a prayer meeting
here in camp. I have just finished a
letter to Cynthia (Stone, Cynthia) , and now I will say
a few words to you, I received your letter
of the 4th inst. on Tuesday morning and
answered the same day, sending with it
a picture which I considered rather
poor, but it was taken in a hurry
and I did not know what other opportunity
I might or might not have but I
had a couple of good one's taken
yesterday & I will inclose one with
this letter. As soon as I can if I
have opportunity I mean to have
some Photographs taken. Please to
report when you write how many letters
you receive from me that I may know
whether you receve (receive) all that I
send you.

PAGE IMAGE I received a letter from Cynthia (Stone, Cynthia)
last Friday and also one from [LucieLucie]
she stated that the reason why she
had not written before was because
she had been unwell and not able
to write and she spoke of writing to
you and said for that reason she
had neglected to write to you but
that she should write to some of you
soon. There is some excitement
here again in relation to the fighting.
The report is eaven (even) in the papers
that there has been a bloody fight
near Harpers Ferry (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) and the Rebbels
suffered a terrible slaughter.
It seems that they were crossing
the River in force and our
soldiers were in ambush on this
side and waiting until the
River was full they fired upon
them and it is said that not one
out of 80 escaped alive. the River
PAGE IMAGE was full of Dead bodies for half a
mile and the water stained with
blood for several miles. Monday morning 16th I will now finish
my letter but I have not time to
write a great deal more, There was
heavy fireing (firing) all day yesterday in the
direction of the upper Potomac (Potomac River) and
in the afternoon towards night it
was very heavy and rapid I think
there must have been some pretty
severe fighting But you will get
the correct information in relation
to it before we shall in camp.
There seems to be but very little
news published in their papers
here. I wish that you would send
me some Tribunes. The fireing (firing)
ceased during the night but they
are banging away again this morning
we are but a few miles from
the field of battle and there is
PAGE IMAGE an immense army lying
here in the vicinity Washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
probably 2 or 300,000 men lying
under arms withing a few miles
of the city They are mostly however
new recruits but if we are
needed we shall probably be
called on. I feel anxious that
they prep this thing through as
fast as possible and crush it
out immediately and I believe
that it can be done in a short
time if our leaders will lay hold
in good earnest. It is said that our
Company in our Regmnt will be
quartered in Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) during
the winter to guard and take charge
of the Hospital and our Co. is making
an effort to get us a position it is
said that the best drilled Co. will
be selected write soon

affectionately yours George (Stone, George C.)
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