Letter written by P(hinie) A. Talcott from Rockville to his brother on January 29, 1863

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Letter written by Phineus A. Talcott from Rockville to his brother on January 29, 1863: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGERockville (Rockville, Maryland) Jan. 29th 1865 Dear Brother (Talcott)

Yours of the 13th inst
was received yesterday. I dont
know how to commence but
as you will probably never
see this it makes no difference
First the news about here
The rail-road is progressing
finely. It was commenced in
December. the contractors
agreed to have it done by
July first for the sum of
forty three thousand dollars
That little mean pig which
you bought of Mr. Wright (Wright (Mr.))
under my special care
reached the great weight
of four hundred and six
pounds on the 5th of Dec. 1862

PAGE IMAGE I bought a pig which I think could
beat yours at jumping. I brought
him home not on my back Saturday
On Monday while I was at school
he jump out and ran off I spent
the afternoon searching for him
but was unsuccessfull the next
morning I started out and found
him at Mr. Morrison (Morrison (Mr.) ) 's It took
father (Talcott (Mr.)) and I most of the forenoon
to get him home and fix the pen
We wached (watched) him jump father (Talcott (Mr.))
said he was a good jumper
but could not get out. I went
down before I went to school in
the afternoon he seemed quite
contented. When I came home at
night he was gone I searched in
vain until dark the next forenoon
was spent in an unsuccessful
hunt. At about two o clock in the
afternoon I found him at Mr. Newell (Newell (Mr.)) 's
in Ellington (Ellington)
PAGE IMAGE I got the horse and Freddie (Talcott, Freddie) and myself
with some trouble caught the
pig boxed him and got him into
the wagon brought him home fixed
the pen and put him into it where he
has since remained
Jan. 30th
Mother (Talcott (Mrs.)) received your letter of
the 19th inst to night
Now for the war news The battle
which you refered (referred) to in my letter
was probably the battle at Arkansas Post (Arkansas Post, Arkansas) in which our troops capture
the place and from 7,000 to 10,000
prisoners. Our loss was samll (small)
I suppose you have heard before
this that Gen. Burnside (Burnside, Ambrose Everett (General)) resigned
and Gen. Hooker (Hooker, Joseph (General)) has taken his
place. A few weeks since the
insane asylum at BrattleboroBrattleboro, Vermont
was mostly burned down Rosseter (Rosseter)
is in the retreat at Hartford (Hartford)
The patients lost most of their
PAGE IMAGE clothing and Rosseter (Rosseter) with the
rest. I think you must have
a great deal of influence with the
captain for it is just like you
to be chasing your own voats and
the stars I think probably that
star was a light on the Alabama
herself. Please answer this

Very spitefully yours P. A. Talcott (Talcott, Phineus A.) P.S.

I put on the please to countreact
the effect.

Dear Brother (Talcott)
I do not know but you will think that Phinnie (Talcott, Phineus A.) is
better to answer your letters than I am but
I intend to write you a long letter pretty

Freddie (Talcott, Freddie)
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