Letter written by Henry W. Fielding from Camp Remound, near Sandy Hook, Maryland to his sister and brother on October 29, 1864

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Letter written by Henry W. Fielding from Camp Remount, near Sandy Hook, Maryland, on October 29, 1864, to his sister, Roselia H. Taylor, and his brother, Stephen Feilding, of Russia Corners, New York: a machine readable transcription


BAN [unclear] OHTVA (Virginia) (BAN [unclear] OHT, Virginia)
OCT 31 [year unclear]

Mrs Roselia H Taylor (Taylor, Roselia H. (Mrs.))
Russia Corners
Herkimer Co
New York (Russia Corners, New York) (Herkimer County, New York)

PAGE IMAGE Camp Remount Near
Sandy Hook  Maryland (Camp Remount, near Sandy Hook, Maryland)
Oct 29th 1864 Dear Sister (Taylor, Roselia H. (Mrs.)) & Brother,

Once more I take
pen in hand to pen you a few
lines I am still in service can not
tell how much longer I will
have to stay here the prospects
are not so encourageing (encouraging) a geting (getting)
as they were a month ago. but
although I hope to get out before
long. I wanted to have been
home to vote, but do not exspect (expect)
to now. so I have sent my
vote to S. J. (J., S.) to have him
cast it for me. Pretty much
all here are for Linclon (Lincoln, Abraham) 's
party. 61 to 7 of McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General))
men, the soldiers are all right
for there (their) Country Cause

PAGE IMAGE you may look for me about
the middle of next month
I was in hopes I would before
this along time. I do not have
no duty to do can go over to the
Ferry evry (every) day, if I wish to
or stay here in camp.
we are a looking for our
discharges evry (every) day.
I have no particular news
to write. good bye for this
time. Respects to all.

Ever Yours H W Fielding (Fielding, Henry W.)
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