Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on March 28, 1863

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Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island, on March 28, 1863, to his sister: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEPortsmouth GroveRI (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)
Mar 28. 1863
Dear Sister

I now have arived (arrived)
to my jernyes (journey's) end but dont know
how soon I may have to move
again we had a hard time a comming (coming)
we went on bord (board) of the
Dannel (Daniel) Webster Wedensday (Wednesday) noon
and got hear (here)  las (last) night a little
after dark it seams (seems) as though we
was all out of the world it is clost (close)
by the watter (water) and every thing
that comes hear (here) comes by the boat
and thare (there) is nothing but barracks
no other bildins (buildings) [carlt?] in site (sight) things
are very comfertable (comfortable)  hear (here) we have
got good beads (beds) to sleep in and watter (water)
is all handey (handy) in the bilding (building) I think
by what they say that they dont live
very well thare (there) is a [suttler?] hear (here) that
you can by (buy)  thinges (things) to eat I have
just been down to breckfast (breakfast) I
had as mutch (much) as I could eat altho (although)

PAGE IMAGE my apertite (appetite) is not very good
now but I thinks that it will
be better as soon as I get over my
journey we have to march down
to [day?] mess hall that will seat
seven hundred we had good
[muse?] white plates to eat out of
and white [beles?] to drink out
of we exspeced (expected) that we was going to
Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) when we started and
from hare (tthere) to Maine (Maine) as soon as
they got thare (their) hospital arainged (arranged)
but all the Mass (Massachusetts) (Massachusetts) boys came hear (here)
I have got a good lot of writing
to do today I had a letter from
Ellen (Ellen) the day that I started I have
not got time to write eny (any) more
before the mail goes out Direct
your letters to Portsmouth Grove
R.I (Rhode Island) (Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island)
and you may put on the united
States General Hospital Portsmouth GroveRI (Rhode Island) (Port Grove, Rhode Island)
[written in margins: ward 19]

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