Letter written by William H. Clark

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Letter written by William H. Clark [undated]: a machine readable transcription

we are having good times
now and first rate living
some of our boys have just
come in that ar (are) very well
loaded with provision
they were fired on by a
rebel he would not let them
go into his house and look
around just as they wanted
to so they brought him
along with them they
found a letter that was
sent from Richmond (Richmond, Virginia)
two weeks ago it says
they are haveing (having) hard times
there and wish the war would
close I must close this
for want of more [paper?]
and a poor place to
write I suppose you

PAGE IMAGE will see by this letter
that I am well and
never felt better in
my life give my respects
to all my friends and
tell them I am yett (yet)
living and always expect
to no more at present

good by Wm H Clark (Clark, William H.) Direct as before to washington (Washington, District of Columbia)
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