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Report of a guard mounted at Fort Alexander on the 12th of Sept. and relieved on the 13th of Sept. [September 13, 1862]
Acknowledgement of the receipt of clothing, dated 1862
Subpoena, signed by Captain and Judge Advocate C.D. Benedict, February 17, 1863
Military order, signed by Lieutenant Colonel and A.D.C. J. A. Haskin, December 21, 1862
Special order no. 55, signed by Major and A.A.A.G. Seavitt Hunt, April 11, 1863
Special order, no. 65, Lieutenant C. S. Millard, July 3, 1864
Receipt dated 1862 from Colonel George Bliss, Jr. to William Kilkenny of Oneida County
Orders received at the head quarters of the 117th New York Volunteers from Nov 1st to Nov 15th 1862
Report of a guard mounted at Fort Franklin on the 8th and relieved on the 9th of September [September 9, 1862]
Paymaster General letter, signed by Paymaster General George Bliss, Jr., November 19, 1862
Notice of promotions, signed by A.D.C. and A.A.G. Frank M. Rotch, November 21, 1862
Boarding receipt, signed by Horace P. Porter, September 26, 1864
Report of a guard mounted at Fort Franklin on the 4th of Sept 1862 and relieved on the 5th day of Sept 1862 [September 5, 1862]
Special order no. 59, signed by A.A.G Henry W. Smith, August 25, 1862
Letter of resignation, signed by Lieutenant and Adjutant James M. Latimore, September 25,1862
List of recruits dated 1862
Letter to Colonel W.R. Pease, signed by Captain Commanding A.R. Stevens, February 8,1863
Special requisition, no. 40, First Lieutenant and A.C.M. Chas S. Millard
Military order, signed by Pease, William R., February 5, 1863
Two receipts, dated September 30, 1864
Return of men absent from the 114th N.Y. Volunteers
Three administrative documents dated December 1862
Receipt dated September 26, 1864
Requisition for ordnance dated 1862