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Letter written by Amanda Dove and Charles Dove from Richland Center to their sister on January 30, 1863
Letter written by Alonzo Finch from Deep Bottom, Virginia to his brother and sister on January 13, 1865 -- Correspondence
Letter written by [unknown] from Falmouth, Virginia to J. R. Barger on May 20, 1863
Letter written by Josephus Knap from Camp Coleman to his sister Meg on August 29, 1861
Letter written by J. H. Stevens from Camp 9 New York H Artillery to his friend Weaves on March 27, 1865 -- Correspondence
Letter written by Mat R[unclear]Y from Annapolis Junction to his friend Mariah on March 1, 1863
Letter written by D. Long from Pittsburg to his friend Williams on March 12, 1863
Letter written by Weston Flint from Saint-Louis, Missouri to Secretary of Military Com. on August 8, 1864
Letter written by Henry N. Shepard from Brookfield to his friend Marsh on December 16, 1860
Letter written by Dewalt Schuster from Pittsburg Landing to his brother on April 10, 1862
Letter written by H. B. Stanley from Goldsborough to his brother, J. T. C. Stanley, on May 1, 1862
Letter written by Jerome Walker from City Point, Virginia to Mr. Dwight on March 17, 1865 -- Correspondence
Letter written by C. F. Allen from Virginia (95th Regiment Head Quarters) to his friend Franklin on March 10, 1863
Letter written by B. F. Allen from Joliet, Illinois to his borther, sister, and nephews on August 26, 1861
Letter written by Ada from Honesdale, Maryland to Mary on April 16, 1866
Letter written by A. Steele from Washington District of Columbia to the military commander (H. V. Welton) on July 1, 1865 -- Correspondence
Letter written by C. W. Bennett from Camp Winfield Scott, near Yorktown, Virginia to his sister Eliza on April 25, 1862
Letter written by Seth Alden from Portsmouth Grove, Rhode Island to his sister on April 20, 1863
Letter written by Ezra Perry from Vicksburg, Mississippi to his cousin Mary on April 25, 1865 -- Correspondence
Letter written by Wesley Faschett from Geisboro United States General Hospital, Washington, District of Columbia to his friend Theodore on October 11, 1864
Letter written by T. B. Tarbell from Groton, New York to his son on July 13, 1861
Letter written by Henry W. Fielding from Camp Remound, near Sandy Hook, Maryland to his sister and brother on October 29, 1864
Letter written by D. Shannon from near Richmond, Virginia to his wife on June 21, 1863
Letter written by Sister Harday from Sacred Heart, Manhattanville, New York to General Banks on May 10, 1863