Letter written by Amos Tuck from Exter, New Hampshire to his friend Frank on January 23, 1861

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Letter written by Amos Tuck from Exter, New Hampshire, on January 23, 1861, to his friend Frank: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEExeterN.H. (New Hampshire) (Exeter, New Hampshire) Jan. 23. 1861-
My Dear Frank (Frank) :

I rcd. yours with enclosure of $42
proceeds of stock sold for Mr. Flanders (Flanders (Mr.)) . I accept, in behalf
of Mr. Flanders (Flanders (Mr.)) , the liberal services of yourself
and Mr. Edgerton (Edgerton (Mr.)) , (to [p---?] present my regards), with
out urging you to accept compensation, because
Mr. F. (Flanders (Mr.)) actually paid for this Stock over $3000, and
this $42 is all he gets for it. He pledged it to me, as collateral,
when it was? worth $70 a shanre (1856), and
now it has gone to grass, and he is even fortunate
in getting anything -
I heard from Ellen (Tuck, Ellen) to-day and was glad to learn that
your mother (Tuck (Mrs.)) has recovered from her late indisposition
your father (Tuck (Mr.)) is naturally anxious for the Union, as is every
patriotic man Still I fear medicine more than
disease, and believing the Union is to Continue, only hope
the poison will have its run, and be worked off
and out of the system, before we pretend to be again
in working order. I want to be cured when we
next get on our legs. Business in N.H. (New Hampshire) (New Hampshire) is not

PAGE IMAGE sensibly affected by the politcal state of
the Country, except perhaps the shoe business.
There is more stability in the Country
than the City. and though accumulations
are smaller in the former, I am
yet of opinion there is more happiness
in Country, than in City [pro--ity?].
My business for the last year (law)
has been $1500 only, but it was
only the beginning of business that will
pay much better, as I had been out
of the practice entirely 3 yrs. ago - I
enter double the actions this Court
that I have b yrs. and have now
all I want to do - Inter nos, I
expect to give it all up again in
the spring - Mr. Lincoln (Lincoln, Abraham) volunteered
to say to me, without any hint given
him to say anything, that he had
thought of inviting me into his
Cabinet, and might do so yet; but
that if he did do that, if I
PAGE IMAGE would allow him he would give
me an appointment nearly, or equally
as good - I thanked him, of course, and
before I left him, at a subsequent interview,
told him I would prefer another
apptmt. to one in the Cabinet, and that?
that other apptmt. would be, Collector
at Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) . He said he was all but
ready to chalk it down to me, and that
I need get no vouchers for the place, unless
he should notify me - I expect it, of course. I
chose it, becaue I am not ready to leave my
home, and the cause it is more profitable than
any other I know of, in N. Eng. (New England) (New England) and will enable
me to do good to others - Were you practicing
in Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) , I could make it benificial
to you professionally, I think - To whom
shall I transfer my law business?
I am in Court and obliged to stop
abruptly - Mrs Tuck (Tuck (Mrs.)) is at Concord (Concord, Massachusetts) , [??]. I
am boarding -

With much regard
yrs - Amos Tuck (Tuck, Amos)
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