Letter written by Seth Alden from 45 miles from Boston

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Letter written by Seth H. Alden from 45 miles from Boston, Massachusetts: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGESundy (Sunday) Afternoon

I went to meeting
this foornoon (forenoon) and saw Sumthing (something)
that I never saw before thare (there) was
Six New Converts came forward
was sprinculed (sprinkled) I call it but he cald (called)
it baptiesing (baptiaing) they pertuck (partook) of the Lords
Supper and the Minister wanted
them to come forward so they mint (might)
pertake (partake) of the Lords Supper they
held a meating (meeting)  las (last) night for the
perpus (purpose) of examining the Converts
and they have a nuther (another) this evening
and they have one every night during
the week - I had almost forgot to

tell you how far it was to Boston (Boston, Massachusetts) it is
45 milds (miles) I think my vaccination
took that is I had a prety (pretty)  Soor (sore) arm
for a long time but I have not looked
to se (see)  whare (where)  thare (there) was eny (any) scar left but
I persume (presume)  thare (there) is for it had not been

PAGE IMAGE well a grate (great) while when I left [??]
you wrote to know if I wanted a box
sent they have boxes Come hear (here) but I
dont think that it would pay to send
me one perhaps they would alow (allow) me
to eat the vittels (vittles) and perhaps they would
not I have not bot (bought)  eny (any) thing of the
Latter but a few apels (apples) I have thought

of bying (buying) Some butter but I have not
yet it is 50 cents a pound. I dont
think of mutch (much) more to write write as
often as you can give my love to all
I received a Gospil (gospel) banner las (last) night

yours respectfully Seth H AldenAlden, Seth H.
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