Letter written by Tomas H. Everitt from Camp California to his friend Lafayette Everitt on February 24, 1862

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Letter written by Tomas H. Everitt from Camp California, near Alexandria, Virginia, on February 24, 1862, to Lafayette Everitt of Effort, Pennsylvania: a machine readable transcription



ALEXANDRIA[state unclear] (Virginia)Alexandria, Virginia
FEB 25

Lafayette Everitt (Everitt, Lafayette)
Pos?[unclear] Effort
Monroe County Pa (Pennsylvania) (Effort, Pennsylvania) (Monroe County, Pennsylvania)

PAGE IMAGE Genl McClellan (McClellan, George Brinton (General)) Camp Calafonia (California) (Camp California, near Alexandria, Virginia)
Feb 24th AD 1862
My Dere (dear)fent (friend) La Evritt (Everitt, Lafayette)

I will now take
the pleasing hart (heart)
this Eving (evening) to inform
you a few lines to
Speake throught (through) the Silent
Meading [??] of the Penn (pen) I
am well at pressent (present) and
I Sincearley (sincerely) hope this few
lines will fine (find) you and all
the Same State of helth (health)
Father (Further) So [note: by "Further So" he means "etc." It appears to be a literal translation of the German "und so weiter"] I will tell you that
I Receive you (your)  well Com (welcome) Letter
to Day, And I was very glate (glad)
to here (hear) from you that you ar (are)
well at Pressent (present)  Futher (Further) So
I will tell you that we was
Prepare this Week 22d for a Battel (battle)
But it was all nosing (nothing) turn over

PAGE IMAGE The Richmet (regiment)
travelt (traveled) from
three o Clock in
the Morning
till nain (nine) in the
fore noon and we
Saut (thought) we [frare?] to
go one Regment (regiment) of Caverley (cavalry)
I Singk (think) it was about 20 thousand
all to getter (together)  Further (further) I will
tell you that we have [gloo-t?]
[nous? "news"?] all over Futher (further) So I will
tell you that we took foart (Fort)
Henry (Fort Henry, Tennessee) and foart (Fort)  Donelson (Fort Donelson, Tennessee)
wis (with)  fiften (fifteen)  thousant (thousand)  Prisner (prisoners)
and kill one thousant (thousand) have
lost is about the Same
Futher (Further) So I will tell you
that the rebbels (rebels) March a
thousant (thousand) for to take fort
Donelson (Fort Donelson, Tennessee) But I ges (guess) that
is the harttes (hardest) job that the
rebbels (rebels)  unter (under) take
PAGE IMAGEFuther (Further) So I will tell
you that the too (two)
Richments (regiments) came to foart (Fort)
Donelson (Fort Donelson, Tennessee) And give it
up to feight (fight) again th (the)
old [flack?] that was the
best nows (news) for this Week
that is about all wat (what)
I now (know) about the war
Futher (Further) So I will tell
you if the lord [f?] give
me helth (health) and Spare
my live (life). And if I
her (here) get home again
then I Can tell you
Som (some) more about the
war I have see more
then ever I dide (did) in all
the Days of my life
Futher (Further) so I file (feel)  Sory (sorry)
when I hert (heard) that William
Darshine (Darshine, William)   Chill (child) is did (dead) I Could
not belive (believe) it [hart? "hardly"?]
PAGE IMAGEFuther (Further) So I will
tell you if you Please
and tell William Darshaina (Darhaina, William)
that I Like it good So
far and get Fater (fatter) then
her (here) I have been
So I must Bring my
Letter to glose (close) for this
time This is from you (your)
Affecenable (affecionable)  frient (friend)

Tomas H
Everitt (Everitt, Tomas H.) To Lafaaette [Lafayette?] Everitt (Everitt, Lafayette)

in Care of Capton
William [S?] Conner (Conner, William S.?)   Com F (Company F)
81 Regment (Regiment) Pa [Rol?] (81st Regiment, Pennsylvania)
Alexandria  Virginia (Alexandria, Virginia)
Cornel  James Miller (Miller, James (Colonel))

this is you (your) Directions

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