Letter written by Howard from Benton Barracks to Annie on October 15, 1862

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Letter written by Howard from Benton Barracks to Annie on October 15, 1862: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEBenton Barracks

Wednesday Oct 15th 1862 Dear Annie (Annie)

I sit down with very poor
encouragement for writing indeed I
did think I could not find any thing
of interest to write untill I might
from you or from somewhere else:
Am afraid unless you was particular
to direct to Recruits that my letters
have gone to the Regiment. All
their letters are directed & remailed
here. The proper direction to us
now is "Benton Barracks"
I though (thought) you would send me
the Standard sometimes but I have
now been here two weeks & not heard
one word form any one.
I have the [readeing?] of the [clud?]
here. We had our Election here yesterday
& if you should have occasion to
examine the returns from here, You

PAGE IMAGE may find my name as one of the Board
We had 135 Rep votes cast & 16 Dem
We have about 250 Recruits but about 50
are too young to vote & some held back
because tickets did not suit.
We hear that Capt Tompson (Tompson (Captain)) 's resignation
has been accepted, if so Foster (Foster) expects
to be 1st Lieut. He ( Foster (Foster) ) Drew a horse
when the boys were drawing to go on
to the Reg with & Yesterday when out on
drill the horse threw himself & hurt
F. (Foster) making him senseless for a while
but he is better this morn. I have
not been out to drill. We drill very
irregular & I have often had other fish
to fry. Lora (Lora) & Ed Brown (Brown, Ed) are very
well satisfied with their horses.
Lora (Lora) has often wished we had brought
Cub along & says now He had as
soon have him as his horse
He might already have drawn two
mos. pay. Write me about him.
Charlie (Charlie) is well I have my military
PAGE IMAGE & [bridle?] We had a good halter, Curry
Comb & Brush & water-bridle. Feed Tack &c,
Picket-Robe 30 ft. Some think we will
be sent to the plains to protect the
mails. Warren (Warren) was here a day or two
& it is reported that he said he could
spare the Iowa 1st (1st Regiment, Iowa) better than any
other troops. You will notice that
Col. [Tersity?] ([Tersity?] (Colonel)) is joined to Curtis (Curtis) Department
We get good news from Corinth (Corinth)
I mailed you a paper this morn
the [Glen?] - We pay 15 per week for
it: 3 of us Carpenter (Carpenter)   Wm George (George) > & myself
Wm George (George, William) is son of Uncle G (G (Uncle)) of Iowa Falls (Iowa Falls, Iowa)
A Paroled Prisoner came in yesterday from
the Reg. direct. He was caught a mile
from Camp 12 miles from Clinton (Clinton, New York)
& his horse taken from him & striped (stripped)
then paroled: He had been to a
Blacksmith's Shop. My Health is
about the same. Want of Active
exercise makes me feel weak
Poor Cooking & river water to cook
PAGE IMAGE make my diet irregular & of course
my bowels are not reg, but I do
not see as I am worse than
the average. We have good Bread
well Baked - quick & light never sour
much better than McClellan (McClellan)
Uncle Sam (Sam (Uncle)) does his own bakeing (baking) here
but the Bacon is miserable not
Corn fed but Acorn fed & soft &
a peculiar taste every disagreeable to me
Many of my 1/2 Dimes go for milk
Send me on the letters some
of them will come up somewhere
I shall be homesick indeed if I cannot
hear from home sometimes
We may stay here some time yet
the Smith have just commenced
shoeing (shoing). They have got 100 Horses
to shoe yet that they have just
drawn from Gov.

Your Howard (Howard)

A fresh kiss [sent?]

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