Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Headquarters of First Army Corps in camp at Bristol Station to his wife on September 5, 1863

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Letter written by Dwight W. Stannard, private in the 97th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment from Headquarters of First Army Corps in camp at Bristol Station, on September 5, 1863, to his wife, Alma C. Stannard, of Forestport, New York, includes a letter to his father: a machine readable transcription

PAGE IMAGEHead Quarters first Army Corps
in Camp at Bristol Station (Bristol Station, Virginia)
September the 5 1863My Deare (Dear)  wife (Stannard, Dwight W. (Mrs., Alma C. Simmons)) (Stannard, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard)) (Simmons, Alma C. (Mrs. Dwight W. Stannard))

I recived (received)
your kind letter this morning and was
glad to hear from you and glad
to hear that you are well as these
few lines leave me the same I recived (received)
those sirts (shirts) yesterday and you can
bet I was glad to get them for
the onley (only)  sirte (shirt) I had was on my
back I like them first rate and
I wisd (wish) I was to home to ware (wear)
them out but I shall hafter (have to) stay
hear (here) and ware (wear) them but live in
hopes if I live to see my time out
and get home we will try and see
if we cant take some comfort in
this world a nuff (enough) to make up what
we have lost in these three years

PAGE IMAGE that I have been gone I dont
think I shall come home till
my time is out but then I would
like to see you all first rate and
that boy that you all say so much
a bout and see if he is what you
say he is charles (Stannard, Charles) was hear (here) and eat
dinner with me yesterday he is not
verry (very) well he has a pretty harde (hard)
caught (cough)  althou (although) he dont have much
to do now days he is what
you mite (might) as well call a scout
he aint with his rigment (regiment) much
of his time it is a pretty good
job but then I dont think
I would trade places with him
I like my plase (place) first rate I a good
dale (deal) to do jest (just) now that is the
way my work comes all in a heape (heap)
or nun (none)  a tall (at all) but I think I can
get a long with it and I think
i can suite (suit) them if they dont get
up their backs up to much you say
PAGE IMAGE father dont like to see these
soldiers come home and [liver?]
their mark behind them I think
it is a poor plan my self but if
I should come home I shant think
their (there) is enney (any) danger for this [harde?]
to [caint?] the stuff for that buisness (business)
I think in a few days we will
get our pay and then I will send
you some and I want you
should let father (Stannard, Calvin W.B.) have all you
can spare I think you can spare
15 dollars this time and then if
I can get holt (hold) of enny (any)  befour (before)
the next pay day I will let you
have some this is all for this time
write as soon as recived (received) this
from your husband

yours truly
D. W. Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)

and a kiss for the boy
I want you should ceep (keep) mum a
bout what Charles (Stannard, Charles) is a doing

PAGE IMAGEDear Father (Stannard, Calvin W.B.)

I thout (thought) I would write a few
lines to (too) to let you know that
I am well and hope these few
lines will find you the same
charles (Stannard, Charles) told me that you talked
of inlisting (enlisting) in a company that
was a setting up their (there) I think
if you no (know) when you are well
of you stay to home for
if you should come down
hear (here) you never would live
to get back a gane (again) and I
think their (there) is a nuff (enough) of us
ei-hear (here) now without you and
as long as they cant make you
come and if you came I think
you are foolish this is all
for this time write as
often as you can

this from your
son Dwight Stannard (Stannard, Dwight W.)
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